E-commerce: Pomm’Poire receives the 2014 Digital Commerce Stars Award

A brand concept & e-commerce platform developed by WAX Interactive lille

WAX Interactive Lille provided support for Pomm’Poire, a lingerie brand, for defining its brand identity and launching its e-commerce site. In just 20 months, Pomm’Poire has racked up success after success: over 40,000 customers have already placed orders, profitability was achieved in record time and recognition was received from other professionals in the sector with the 2014 Digital Commerce Stars Award.

Pomm’Poire: a French success story

Pomm’Poire was born in December 2012 from the combined efforts of Anne Montaye (Founder and CEO of Pomm’Poire) and Quentin and Tanguy (a manufacturer of lingerie). Driven by their shared interest in combining their complementary skills, they decided to develop a unique brand of lingerie that would stand out from the rest. Their aim is to meet the needs of dissatisfied consumers, ensuring its position as a new player in an extremely competitive niche market.Pomm’Poire was launched in February 2013. The concept is based on solid, simple, clear foundations: developing a lingerie brand that is designed in France, is available to everyone and offers a wide range of attractive pieces at unmatchable prices. At first the brand was sold only online in France before moving into retail shops.

WAX Interactive: comprehensive support for specific needs

Followed a tender process at the end of 2012, WAX Interactive was selected.

Anne Montaye, Founder and CEO of Pomm’Poire, explained: "The ability of WAX Interactive's teams to provide a total package was what sealed the deal for us."

WAX Interactive provided Pomm’Poire with comprehensive support for three specific challenges:

  1. Launching a new brand
  2. Defining the brand's identity by creating a logo
  3. Developing an online e-commerce shop

Marjorie Plovier, Artistic Director at WAX Interactive Lille, was able to develop a brand identity that met all of Anne Montaye's criteria. The image is fresh and colourful, designed to attract a mostly young, female clientele and has a hint of sass, highlighted by the brand's signature slogan: "dessous à croquer" ("good enough to eat"). The WAX Interactive teams then worked to develop a coherent style and identity for the website. The technical and functional aspects of the e-commerce site are based on the open source solution PrestaShop.

An award-winning site: 2014 digital commerce stars award

This site has been a dual success for Pomm’Poire, receiving recognition from consumers and professionals alike. The numbers since the launch speak for themselves: in 20 months, more than 40,000 customers have placed orders through the website, the goal of €1 million in turnover was reached in record time and the profitability threshold was reached earlier than expected.

The site won the 2014 DIGITAL COMMERCE STARS AWARD, giving the brand recognition from professionals in the sector. It further highlights the ergonomic and visual qualities of the site as well as the originality of Pomm'Poire. The award also recognises the company's positioning and ability to integrate social media into its brand strategy.Today Pomm'Poire's goal is to widen its field of distribution and to increase the number of distribution channels for its products. We'll keep you posted...