The Champagne-Ardenne RTC boosts its visibility with WAX Interactive

'Search' support ranging from advice to training which is an ongoing process

WAX Interactive has been a key partner to the Champagne-Ardenne Regional Tourism Committee for 7 years. The agency has particularly supported it with all of its SEO issues. Indeed WAX Interactive has won all the calls for tender related to improving the visibility of the RTC's website and consequently deployed a Search package and semantic improvements which have made it possible to double the number of visitors annually to the website.

Champagne-Ardenne - A Region with character

Champagne-Ardenne is an emblematic region in the history of France, which transports you from ancient times to the modern era, from Durocortorum (Reims) to the Battle of the Marne, from the coronation of Clovis to the Battle of Valmy, and from Louis XV to De Gaulle.The Champagne-Ardenne Regional Tourism Committee is the body in charge of the organisation and institutional promotion of this territory at the crossroads of Europe. Its assignments include, in particular, the provision and structuring of all the information which relates to tourism and the professionals in this sector in the territory aimed at future French and foreign travellers, on all types of distribution channels like, for example, - what can perhaps now be regarded as one of the gateways to the region - the website.

2009-2014: + 80% visitors for the RTC's website

In 2008, and following the implementation of the marketing plan it decided upon in 2006, the Champagne-Ardenne RTC wanted to further increase its web presence and launched the complete overhaul of its website. At the time WAX Interactive won the call for tender to provide SEO support for this project.

As Didier KRIEG, Assistant Director of the RTC, explains: "WAX Interactive stood out straight away. The concise presentation easily understood by novices, an extremely well put together package, and a highly innovative SEA approach made the difference."

The involvement of the WAX Interactive teams to ensure that all the technical architecture conformed to the requirements of search engines and the editorial guidance suggested for structuring all of the website content around key words and customer terminologies very quickly produced results.The number of visitors accessing the website through search engines consequently increased from 10% to 90%! Subsequently, WAX Interactive successively won all the calls for tender covering a similar scope, with the continuing objective of boosting the visibility of the website to encourage tourists to visit Champagne-Ardenne.

Didier KRIEG adds: "The combination of professional expertise in the ‘Travel’ sector and WAX Interactive's Search expertise represent a unique strategic asset in the market which has enabled us to increase the number of visitors by more than 80% between 2009 and 2014."

2015: RTC renews its confidence in WAX Interactive

In 2014, the Champagne-Ardenne RTC launched a new call for tenders (at European level this time) to adapt its website to new uses and new technologies. The objective of the committee is that its website - a business introducer for tourism professionals in the region - becomes the point of contact for the destination and the leader in the sector. This overhaul will make it possible to offer more interactive content and dramatize the whole user experience.

In 2015 WAX Interactive won this contract for multidisciplinary support:

  • Analytics
  • Native advertising
  • Advice and training

The work of the WAX teams currently involves a seductive approach to arouse interest and immediately propel the Internet user into their experience of Champagne. In addition, there is a special focus on the centenary of the First World War this year. To perfect this system, WAX is deploying its expertise in media buying and PR 2.0 with influential bloggers.The extent of the WAX Interactive teams' support now goes beyond 'search' alone. They are working with tourism professionals in Champagne-Ardenne to present the latest trends in SEO and in the ‘Travel’ sector so that they can assist them with improving their visibility on the Internet.

Didier KRIEG concludes: "With WAX Interactive, we are constantly improving content to refine search engine optimisation. The presentations by François Houste, Director of WAX Travel, are always lucid, clear, highly popular and accessible to everyone, which immediately wins over his interlocutors."