Bluestar Silicones reveals its new global website

A portal based on Sharepoint 2013 created by SQLI.

In 2016, Bluestar Silicones launched a new strategic plan to enhance its business and its position as a major player on the silicone market, worldwide. It is based on new partnerships, a transformed website and a more innovative image. Responsive, dynamic, intuitive, focused on human and aesthetic aspects, the brand's new website is innovative compared to the conventional style of the industrial sector, to more effectively engage users.

A platform in line with the Group's new image

Bluestar Silicones is one of the world leaders in silicones and employs 1,500 people. With over 60 years of expertise, it offers a complete range of silicone products in the fields of release coatings, specialty elastomers and fluids, health products, emulsions and resins.Committed to renewing its values and reinforcing its presence on the international stage, Bluestar Silicones wanted to revamp its website in line with its new positioning.

The project responds to strong challenges:

  • Increasing the number of leads to strengthen its growth
  • Attracting new talents
  • Demonstrating its innovation and dynamism

Laurent Dumont, Strategic Marketing Manager at Bluestar Silicones explains: "In a competitive industry like silicone, we wanted to reassert a new identity and values to take a leading edge over our competitors. The website reflects our new image: that of passionate people, close to their customers."

SQLI was chosen after a tender involving players from all around the world, thanks to its technical expertise and mastery of SharePoint 2013, but also through its perfect understanding of the issues of Bluestar Silicones.

Winning international markets with a website customised for end users

On the basis of the SharePoint 2013 solution and designed in Agile and Design Sprint mode, SQLI co-designed and developed Launched at the end of February, it is dedicated to industrialists. SQLI has therefore built a customer journey by immersing internet users in the world of silicone, while customising the content.

As Laurent Dumont says: "With SQLI we experienced a close, enriching and human partnership. The team worked smartly on the project and was constantly able to find solutions. We felt supported because, through its expertise, SQLI managed the project in its entirety. We now have a new platform with a genuine dynamic which encourages interaction with internet users and generates several leads. With this site, we can now tackle new markets such as Asia and continue our international development.”

The website now offers instant access for everyone seeking specific information on the company's range, thanks in particular to a digital catalogue listing the Group's products and services around the world, with a faceted search engine: the product finder. The website has also been designed to allow users to directly contact the right person among the different Bluestar Silicones businesses and to generate leads.

It is also a tool designed to demonstrate the know-how of the silicone manufacturer through a knowledge library.Since its launch, the new portal has received an enthusiastic welcome from the Group's customers worldwide. It has already generated twice the number of visits of the former site. Currently in English, it is also available in Chinese from 22 March and other languages will be up and running in 2016.