ATMB enhances its employee experience thanks to a new collaborative intranet

SQLI and LumApps join forces to create a personalized collaborative platform for ATMB

Mont Blanc Autoroutes and Tunnel (ATMB) is a highway company that oversees a 130 km network at the heart of the Alps and at the base of Mont Blanc. The Company from the Haute-Savoie department began its digital transformation process in 2019. As part of this initiative, ATMB decided to modernize its intranet and offer a better working experience to its 340 employees.

Intranet that provides simplicity and that promotes collaboration and mobility

The health crisis accelerated the digital transformation that begun in 2019. The lockdown period has given rise to new, more collaborative needs and practices that ensure both the proper remote communication of information and the link between employees in the best possible conditions. After 15 years, the intranet had reached its limits in terms of ergonomics and usability, while its back office had become difficult to configure and use.

ATMB wanted to equip itself with a new platform and suitable tools to:

  • Reach all employee groups (both sedentary and in the field, whether they work shifts or fixed hours, or are located far apart over several sites) with targeted and centralized information: news, guides, procedures, best practices;
  • Provide mobility by enabling access to information at all times to employees in the field (highway agents, operators), who represent two-thirds of the workforce, and to make processes more fluid;
  • Bring together experts thanks to communities that are dedicated to them, as well as promote discussions and document sharing.

A perfect pair: the LumApps solution and SQLI support

ATMB chose the LumApps solution, leader in intranet platforms, and SQLI to set up its new tool and develop the site’s surrounding ecosystem (data management, security, connectivity, etc.) and user experience. The pairing of LumApps’s tool and SQLI’s support provides a comprehensive and unified strategy for creating and optimizing Digital Workplaces.

SQLI’s teams worked alongside the Communication, Transformation and Human Relations Department on the functional part of the project, i.e. content and community issues, and alongside the IT Department on the technical part to connect the Microsoft suite of tools to the intranet.Thanks to their expertise, the teams helped establish a framework and define the requirements, the ergonomics of the interface and the design of the paths, the integration and configuration of the platform, as well as the coordination and management of the communities. The new intranet was launched in four months.

The collaboration went very well and the teams were extremely responsive. Today, the new intranet represents a significant change in terms of ease of use and content updates, and allows for interactions with features similar to those of social networks”, states Lorraine de Rugy, Communications Manager.

In addition to the desktop version, LumApps also offers a mobile app which connects employees in the field.