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Apoteket treats the headache of B2B clients with a modern, user friendly eCom for healthcare professionals

More time for what's important: together with SQLI Nordics, Apoteket AB launches a new e-commerce aiming to make the everyday chores of health professionals easier.

Over the last years, the pharmacy business have taken steady and rapid steps in their digitalization process. Today, there are several solutions offering private consumers convenient purchases, personal service and flexible means of delivery to their homes. Now, Apoteket wants to offer the same possibilities also for professionals.

Together with SQLI Nordics, a B2B portal that truly has its roots in the care givers daily operation has been developed. The new e-commerce platform is aiming to make it as simple to purchase medical supplies and drugs (prescripted or non-prescripted) as it is for end consumers. Much of the focus has been on the customer and purchase experience as well as an improved access to customer support and service. The objective is clear. To provide our health care professionals with what is important - more time for their patients and daily operation.

Now you can, from a computer or simply a smartphone when you are on the move, order supplies for different departments, find replacement products when others are out of stock, let your co-workers order themselves with the help of attest functions, save shopping lists of frequently bought products - and more importantly, find products based on their active substances rather than brand. The latter normally being a large hurdle.

For us at Apoteket healthcare has always been of the greatest seriousness, and a part of our responsibility is to make sure that the health professionals of Sweden do not spend their time and energy on cumbersome IT solutions and formalities. Together with SQLI, we have created a solution that let our clients focus on whats most important - their patients.

Kristin Maddison Manager, Business development and support, Apoteket AB 
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The new solution is based on the e-commerce platform from Optimizely/Episerver, and has already been launched to a smaller number of customers who have had the chance to test the tool with good results. The solution has proven to be fast, simple and accesible. The roll-out will continue during 2022 and will soon be made available for all B2B clients. The actual development of the tool has been done over about a year, and when asked about the development process Tobias Sakket, project manager at Apoteket, had this to say:

Well done! SQLI have created a digital product that both looks good and is amazing to use. It's an honor to work with developers of your caliber. Good luck with the continued development - and keep up the good work!

Tobias Sakket Project Manager at Apoteket 

For SQLI Nordics, the project is yet another proof of how you can, in a fast and efficient way, create value and save time through an agile MVP-based approach:

Engaging in a project that has the possibility to make the work situation of doctors, psychiatrists, nurses and veterinarians is something you do with the utmost respect. We are very happy that what we've created so far has been received in such a positive way, and are very much looking forward to keep doing the services and products provided by Apoteket even more accessible for the health professionals of our society!

Fredrik Bergström Business Development Manager, SQLI Nordics

At SQLI, we are happy and proud of the trust shown in us by Apoteket, and are looking forward to take on the upcoming challenges - creating a succesful, wide launch and keep developing the tool in order to create more, best in class solutions.

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