Apicil offers mobile services to its policyholders

The pursuit of a strategy to digitalise its services

SQLI was chosen by the APICIL Group, the 5th largest health and personal insurance coverage group in France, for the design and development of its first mobile application in keeping with its website. APICIL is digitalising all of its services to suit the new uses of its partners and policyholders.

When proximity goes hand in hand with mobility

The APICIL Group brings together nearly 1.5 million employed policyholders, active or retired individuals, and more than 50,000 customer businesses within the framework of its activities related to Personal and Supplementary compulsory pension insurance. As APICIL was keen to optimise the quality of its customer service, and as a natural extension of its Internet portal, it wanted to offer its policyholders a tool at the cutting edge of innovation: a mobile application that promises to make their lives easier.

This new tool therefore meets several objectives:

  • To save its customers time and offer them autonomy through online services
  • To meet the requirements of new uses. In particular the need for immediacy with the possibility of carrying out tasks via smartphone, directly in the hospital for example+ To stand out from the competition
  • To have a solution which makes a simple and quick update possible

The Group intends to boost its image but also digitalise its services and create a close relationship with its customers.Following a partnership of more than 10 years and the development of the apicil.com website, the APICIL Group wanted to entrust setting up its mobile application to SQLI, whose excellent business expertise in the world of insurance is appreciated.

A 'Mobile-Friendly' format

SQLI relied on all of its skills - functional, technological and methodological - to carry out this project from December 2014 to May 2015. Its teams assisted APICIL with all aspects of its digital system: advice, creation, development based around the Liferay CMS solution and change management. The application is available on Android and iOS.It is both ergonomic and aesthetic, in keeping with the apicil.com website, and offers a wealth of features so that APICIL customers can manage their account on their smartphone autonomously, responsively and smoothly. So policyholders have the option to:

  • Check the last 20 reimbursements+ Get hospital care
  • View the list of beneficiaries+ Contact the APICIL Group
  • Receive reimbursement alerts

Philippe Hassel, the APICIL Group's Director of External Communications, says: "SQLI understood how to offer us an application which suits the uses of our policyholders perfectly. From a design and ergonomics point of view, SQLI did not simply copy and paste our web services but really took the requirements of mobility into account. We have now established a trusting relationship with SQLI and they have shown unwavering commitment. We are very satisfied with this partnership, which has given rise to an application which is highly intuitive, simple to use, and will make daily life easier for our policyholders."