Apicil Epargne positions itself in the world of open insurance

SQLI supports the insurer on its digital savings platform

The APICIL group is France’s third biggest social welfare group. APICIL Epargne designs life and bond investment insurance policies for individuals and corporations. Since 2012, SQLI has been supporting APICIL Epargne in its digitalization strategy, developing a dedicated platform for the marketing, sale and management of insurance products.

An innovative distribution model for a unique digital experience

With its new marketplace, APICIL Epargne has joined the Open Insurance movement. The insurer has opened up its ecosystem (services, data, infrastructure) to its customers and partners, who are now able to connect to its APIs from any electronic device, and carry out their own online actions, such as running simulations, subscribing to bespoke services, or signing and managing contracts.

This system makes it quicker and easier to form new partnerships, and enables the development of innovative services, breaking away from the traditional model of insurance sales.

Accessible to all, APICIL Epargne’s tailor-made offering caters to the needs of all actors (B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C), and guarantees a secure, optimized, personalized experience. Subscriptions to insurance services have increased ninefold since 2018, while digital claims processing rose from 15% to 70% between 2018 and 2020.

Ahead of its competitors, APICIL Epargne is today in a position to expand its partner base by offering a short time-to-market and seamless digital transition, thanks to an automated journey from entry to validation: 95% of claims are handled with no human intervention. 


A partnership approaching ten years

In 2012, SQLI was involved in creating APICIL’s digital savings platform. Since then, SQLI has supported the insurer with the platform, which has become its centerpiece. Today, a team of 30 SQLI employees works alongside APICIL Epargne staff. It comprises a management team and an operations team, whose role is development, testing and technical expertise.

They ensure APICIL Epargne has a versatile, stable, highly specialized platform that caters to the needs of each of its partners, enabling them to access all of its services. The system runs in Agile mode, and addresses various different aspects:

  • API modeling and development, to enable the opening up of the APICIL Epargne ecosystem and connection to its services
  • Improvement of the user experience, with the implementation of new frameworks (ReactJS) for a richer, more user-friendly interface that makes browsing easier
  • Expansion of the marketplace, with the development of new products, together with the addition and ongoing improvement of functionalities
  • Involvement in redesigning the platform, with the incorporation of microservices architecture and the progressive migration of functionalities

We have built a genuine partnership, with a shared desire to find ways to ensure the sustainability of the platform. A very good system is in place, and we are as satisfied with the engineering as we are with the relationship: it is all positive,” says Thierry Da Silva, Digital Savings Director.