Airbus : a new design, and improved experience

Ergonomics, UX and flat design : SQLI is redesigning the AIRBUS HUB intranet.

Airbus entrusted SQLI with the ergonomic and graphic overhaul of its intranet portal. Airbus particularly appreciated the new identity of this intranet designed by SQLI, which is now the graphic and UX reference for the aeronautical group's future projects. 

Collaborative: a core value for the Airbus Group

To encourage dialogue between its many entities (Commercial Aircraft, Helicopters, Defence and Space, etc.) and subsidiaries around the world, the aeronautical industry giant the Airbus Group wanted to provide all of its staff with a single portal: Airbus HUB. This portal has been redesigned to meet the expectations of all users and thus develop collaboration. To do this, 3 features have been grouped together within a single solution: publication, collaboration and Social Networking.

There are multiple challenges with this overhaul:

  • to put together a common user experience so that all staff, all areas of the business and locations alike, have an intranet which suits their needs
  • to improve the staff's familiarisation with the resource to facilitate appropriation of it
  • to facilitate browsing and simplify searches for information with a resource that combines ergonomics and efficiency.

To successfully complete this project, the Airbus group chose SQLI for its expertise in UX and Design, which they have already proven on the many projects which they have completed for the group.

Michel Beillard, head of the programme at Airbus Group, explains:  "The HUB is a project which is a major challenge for the Airbus Group, which is why we had to surround ourselves with the best talent to ensure its completion. Working with SQLI was obvious for us, as their expertise in the field of UX design and the web is well known. Given our major constraints in terms of planning, having an SQLI team close by in Toulouse has been a real comfort and made it possible to have excellent collaboration between all of the stakeholders involved in this project."

Better ergonomics and an optimised intranet

SQLI was able to take a fresh look at the graphic interface and browsing with its expertise in ergonomics and adapt to the different expectations of many types of users. The teams have adapted the new Airbus Group print charter (CLAF - Common Look and Feel) to web uses, by taking the constraints in terms of technology and accessibility into account, particularly with the Sharepoint 2013 solution.

"SQLI has managed to make it simple and highlight our content by adopting a flat Design approach for the whole portal.  The refined and elegant graphic style breaks with our former intranets and asserts a visual identity which is shared by the Group's different entities," adds Michel Beillard.  

The new graphic identity established by SQLI has become the reference for Airbus' future projects. Indeed, SQLI has already been consulted for other assignments in this field.