24 hours of le Mans: fast track to digital

SQLI redesigns the ergonomics and design of the website of Automobile Club de l'Ouest

Automobile Club de l’Ouest has chosen SQLI to carry out the design and ergonomics of its new website: lemans.org. This platform will offer more clarity and legibility to all endurance races, in particular the famous "24 heures du Mans" (24-hour race), while keeping spectators constantly informed about the world of motor racing.

Automobile Club de l’Ouest: keeping the passion alive

Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO), the creator and organiser of the “24 heures du Mans”, was founded in 1906. For more than a century, ACO has developed its objectives to ensure safety of road users and organises sports events directly or indirectly linked to motor racing.

ACO wanted to revamp its website (with close to 5 million visitors) in order to offer members and internet users a more comprehensive view of its activity. All the websites of the different races (24 heures du Mans, motorcycle, truck, etc.) have been pooled together into one: www.lemans.org. There are several objectives to this overhaul:

  • Highlighting ACO, as its brands are better known than the association itself
  • Make browsing easier and giving more rapid access to information
  • Easier coordination of the back office

ACO has called on SQLI to carry out the ergonomics and design of lemans.org. This partnership extends the five previous years during which SQLI had already demonstrated to the ACO group its creative and organisation skills.

On the road to digital

Launched early June, lemans.org is dedicated to fans of endurance racing. The SQLI teams were tasked with the design and UX.

The design of our new platform is contemporary and very modern. It is driven by innovation and passion, which is precisely what we wanted. SQLI revamped the image of ACO while maintaining the motor-racing spirit that defines us,” explained Nicolas Cousseau, the new media manager.

It is very automotive-centric and ergonomic. The website is designed so that internet users can relate to this environment and have easy access to event information: news, timetable, circuit maps, rankings, etc.

We wanted to put our members back at the heart of our new platform and share our passion with them. SQLI perfectly responded to our needs while delivering in time, through its seamless organisation. Its teams know how to adapt and find solutions. In a word: the work of a genuine professional. That is why we are going to continue our partnership that started 5 years ago,” concluded Nicolas Cousseau.

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