Sylvie Verstraeten on the podcast ‘Woman & Innovation' for L'Usine Digitale

How to work in HR at an innovative company, with Sylvie Verstraeten, HR Direction, SQLI Group

Sylvie Verstraeten, HR Director at SQLI, the agency dedicated to digital experience, was the guest of a podcast that covers the subject of women and innovation, made with Radio Village Innovation. She sheds light on the way she sees her role and on the roadmap she uses. 

As more and more companies are convinced of the need to change, transform their cultures to adapt to digital and find the necessary talent, what kind of approach is adopted by those who advise them?

Sylvie Verstraeten explains that while HR has a support function, it is also at the heart of companies' strategies. She also points out that HR departments also need to offer digital services and innovate for employees.

Listen to the podcast (French)