PXM: The Product Experience, a key link in the customer journey

To make a difference today, it is essential to provide the best possible customer experience. Forrester states in its report that "85% of customers consider product information to be the most important data they look for on a website". The quality of product information is therefore a key element of a successful customer experience. 

From PIM to PXM

PIM (Product Information Management) is a centralized product data management solution. It legitimizes the veracity of data and its coherence and allows a simplified integration of information coming from all the actors in charge of the product. Product Experience Management "is the art of providing contextualized, tailored and personalized product information for each channel and region to satisfy the buying experience at each touchpoint"1

PXM is therefore part of a more global notion of Customer Experience Management (CXM), thanks to a new, more qualitative approach to customer relations, which focuses on taking into account their individual preferences. It is about providing them with a personalized, dynamic and targeted experience, including content, offers, products and services. PXM is the "product" adaptation of CXM, which consists of providing each customer with a unique product experience in order to create an emotional connection with the product. 

What are the business benefits of PXM?

The benefits offered by a PXM are multiple:

  • Improved customer experience, thanks to a tailored product experience with contextualized information,
  • Improving the quality of product data and therefore increasing the conversion rate and reducing the return rate,
  • Acceleration of product marketing and improved productivity,
  • Promotion of the brand image!

Why not you?

As part of the partnership between SQLI & Akeneo, we invite you to assess your product experience management maturity. This will help you to understand how you stand in comparison with your peers but also to highlight your strengths and weaknesses in terms of product information management. After answering the 14 questions of the assessment (4 minutes), the editor will provide you with operational recommendations that can trigger questions and discussions between you & our PIM/PXM expert teams.

1Product Experience Management for Dummies from Productsups