How purpose-driven brands and social media are driving CX

Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, droughts, forest fires, deforestation, depletion of natural resources and other major environmental problems together with the COVID-19 crisis have all acted as an accelerator of change toward new paradigms, changing the way we think about brands. Customers now expect brands to comply with planet-friendly standards but are on the lookout for attempts made at greenwashing. Commitment to a green strategy therefore needs to be authentic with significant impact.

Meeting a need in society

This context has led to the rise of “purpose-driven” brands – those motivated by a core mission. These brands primarily exist to solve a problem or meet a need in society. Take for example, CHNGE, the brand that all Gen Z and millennial shoppers are talking about.

This sustainable fashion brand aims to make a positive impact on the world by donating to causes such as fighting climate change, empowering women leaders and civil rights and attracts this new generation of like-minded shoppers.


Disruptive brands

Today CX is being driven by this desire for transparency and authenticity. Therefore, a brand’s storytelling needs to be trustworthy and explain the company’s approach to its: supply chain; local resources; social ethics; renewable energy; raw materials; waste management; recycling; transportation emissions and much more.

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The sneaker brand Veja has already set extremely high standards and is still disrupting the industry with refurbishing workshops in several stores enabling customers to extend the lifespan of their favourite sneakers, whatever the brand (not only Veja). Another legendary brand, Patagonia, for outdoor clothing and gear, offers a lifetime guarantee with the possibility to repair a used product if it has been worn for many years. The brand also sells “recrafted” garments made of used pieces. Patagonia’s philosophy is truly in line with the iconic British designer Vivienne Westwood’s moto: “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”


Motivational brands

Brands with a purpose attract employees that share their values and by doing so they encourage people to feel like they have a stake in a business. The fact that employees have an emotional involvement in a brand is motivating and encourages them to provide an exceptional CX.


The role of social

Social media influencers are also impacting CX by encouraging people to engage with brands with a purpose. They are enabling consumers to buy for example on Instagram, making websites seem rather outdated for some. Such practices have in fact atomized the web and we have started to head towards a world where small fragments of the web are targeted to people interested in them, leading to a more fluid but fragmented customer experience

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