Create value for the entire customer journey by maximizing your digital advertising

It is said that only 3% of your potential customers are ready to buy right now. If you then start your marketing at the "buy now" step - it means that you could lose the remaining 97% of the traffic that is not there, yet. Maybe they need to get to know you first before they are ready for a purchase? I suggest we take a look at the famous funnel.

To reduce the risk of potential customers going to a competitor when a purchase is in progress, we need to start higher up the funnel with our advertising. Whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, Google or in another medium. Some platforms are better suited for earlier steps in the funnel and others closer to the end, the important thing is that you have decided on the purpose and goals of each specific channel.

How to get started

If we start looking at the beginning of a customer contact, we can compare this with the contacts that take place in real life. Imagine for a second you are out on a first date. You will probably not propose marriage to the person you are with on that first date (and if you should decide to do it, your chances of getting a yes are probably quite low...). Instead, you need to start by creating an interest and gradually show who you are. Whether it is in an entertaining, inspiring or educational way. It works exactly the same when it comes to digital marketing.

What type of content is suitable for each target group?

1. Cold traffic

Suppose you are a brand new acquaintance of a person who has never heard of you before. Which is the optimal way to introduce yourself? Would you start by asking the person for something or would you instead choose to start by offering the person something? I know which approach I would choose (at least in advertising). In order to try to capture the interest of the person I would definitely start with offering something. Now, I'm not talking about material things. There are lots of other things such as knowledge, entertainment and inspiration you can use to create an interest.

By offering something, you not only create more interest, your advertising costs will most likely also decrease.

2. Cool traffic

When you advance from the first "cold" step, a person has seen your ad and received a first message. Then it's time to talk about who you are and what your company can offer by demonstrating knowledge about your products / services and create trust with the members of your target group. For example, you could show a "how-to video", create a quiz or link to a blog post where you offer more knowledge and experience. It's all about building trust and thereby creating traffic to your website to capture the visitor with a pixel.

3. Hot traffic

So-called "hot traffic" consists of people who have visited your site, scrolled around (maybe even on a specific product), but have not yet made a purchase. In these cases, it is time to convince the visitor that they are about to make the right choice, ie purchase something in your shop. The question you should ask yourself now is how you can show that your particular product / service can make a person's life easier and more hassle-free. You can do this, for example, by clearly showing what advantages your offer has compared to your competitors' and why it is sharpest in the segment you operate in? Maybe you could also offer free shipping and free returns?

4. Burning traffic

Burning love! At this stage, the purchase has already been made, but the customer journey certainly does not end here. Now it becomes important to thank your customers, ask for a review or maybe offer them something extra just because they purchased something from your store. Give them love and I am sure you will be able to increase the lifetime value of each customer. Keep in mind that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. If you can increase the value of each customer, you will generate significantly larger sales and also create a loyal crowd of customers who are happy to tell their loved ones about your greatness. 

[Pro tip: Create target groups for each action you can measure so that you can also adapt the message according to each step in the customer journey]

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Petter Nilsson

Digital Marketing expert 

SQLI Nordics