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Shopify are one of the big newcomers in the platform market. In recent years, they have grown at rocket speed, much thanks to their user focus and simplicity. Their success is also based on the fact that they have created a modern platform adapted for today's companies and entrepreneurs. Shopify Plus is Shopify's enterprise solution that is based on the same foundation, but with significantly larger muscles, adapted for large companies and organizations.

From start-up to one of the worlds largest e-commerce platforms

Shopify was founded in 2004 in Canada by Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake after having tried to create an e-commerce for snowboarding equipment and being dissatisfied with the platforms available at that time. The solution was to create a platform of their own, based on Open Source principles and with an early focus on API:s enabling third party solutions being available on their own Shopify app store.

Well, Shopify is no longer a start-up by any means. In the middle of 2020 it was reported that Shopify was the most valuable company on the Canadian stock exchange, overtaking Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), and today there are over 1,7 million e-commerce sites running on Shopify.

In order to be able to create more complex e-commerce solutions and to meet demands for enhanced individualization and larger volumes of purchases, Shopify Plus was created a few years back. Shopify+ has a documented uptime of over 99,99%, can offer unlimited bandwidth and hosting and has a huge amount of functions, third party apps and API:s that let you build a real no-compromises SaaS e-commerce solution. With all the advantages that means - a cloud-based platform with automatic updates and guaranteed hosting/uptime.

SQLI - your Shopify partner

Shopify is growing at an unprecedented speed, and is gaining huge market shares in also in Europe - fast. SQLI was early to discover the great potential of the platform and with a well documented track record we are eager to show you why we should be awarded the confidence of creating your new Shopify website. Get in contact us with us and we'll be happy to help!

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