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A fast app for fast deliveries - delivered.

A groundbreaking way to shop.

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About the project

Urb-it was founded in January 2014. In August of the same year, SQLI was assigned the task of building a solution that would be revolutionary in digital commerce. This extremely intensive and challenging project was quickly started. Within the space of four months, we had developed the definitive platform of the future for fast shopping experiences.

The challenge

Urb-it needed a platform to realize its vision of fast, flexible purchases and deliveries. The systems functions included receiving orders; sending out real-time information of the delivery; and making sure that "urbers" could get paid with smooth integration for retailers.


This solution has a service-based microservices architecture, one of the first in Sweden, where all different services are loosely connected. The solution is completely cloud-based with everything in Azure.

The architecture is created to meet global ambitions with a high rate of development. It is also built to integrate technology and organization into natural parts of the business. We built the platform with customized services to support urb-it's ambition to work in cross-functional teams and to scale well in terms of both organization and technology.


There was a strong need to get out into the world quickly. Urb-it needed a system that managed the load that comes with fast expansion. The solution needed to be able to scale up quickly while being reliable to its many users.

The launch deadline was a mere four months. A month was devoted to design and sketching out details. Thus, only three remained for development. SQLI kept to the deadline thanks to a disciplined and dedicated distributed team that poured their heart and soul into the work on top of their thorough preparation. Complete devotion and flexibility was a necessity for controlling goals within the scarce timeframe. The architecture and work methodology made this cooperation very smooth.


Our solution became the stable starting point for urb-it's expansive development. With custom made services, the platform's life span is almost unlimited and fully customizable.

SQLI primary priority has always been how best to benefit our customer's need. Attention to that need led to the solution we recommended allowing urb-it to lift responsibility internally when and where it benefits their business.