Information System Modernization and Simplification

The University of Fribourg wants to completely overhaul its information system in 2015, which includes not only academic applications but also HR, Financial, and Infrastructure websites. The goal was to make access easier and more modern for 10,000 students and 3,000 employees.

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To prioritize users and their requirements 

"With this project we wanted to define a new way of presenting our major applications, including the business portal and related back offices," explains Alain Cochard, Deputy Director of IT Services.

One of the goals of the Campus Management revamp is to enable business users to work with processes. As Nadia Wenger, head of IT projects in the HR department, says: "This overhaul is a great opportunity to optimize our business processes and thus offer quality services to end users".

According to the Assistant Director of the IT Department, it is critical that application design be done in close collaboration with business users. "Yes, from the start we were involved in looking for solutions suited to our needs and our users' needs," says Nadia Wenger.

The synergy of technologies and experties

The excellence of SQLI Switzerland and its digital agency WAX Interactive, both in terms of technology and UX, won us over," says Alain Cochard.

"SQLI's assistance in the form of workshops helped us to articulate our needs. The methods used, such as card sorting, quickly led us to achieving a vision shared by all those involved. As soon as it went live, we had interfaces which met our needs and featured real advances compared to legacy solutions," says Nadia Wenger.

The University of Fribourg will be able to present its work to other cantonal partners as well as other higher education institutions facing similar issues as a result of this UX revamp. 

As I mentioned, our applications UX is a crucial issue for all of our projects. However, you cannot just make an ergonomist or graphic designer appear out of thin air. That is why we chose to entrust UX-related work to SQLI Switzerland. We have collaborated for several years now, and the efficiency of their teams, their flexibility and the quality of their work never cease to impress us, says Alain Cochard.