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Custom e-commerce platform

A fast-paced, tailor-made e-commerce that never stops evolving.

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About Tele2

Since the start, more exactly about 25 years ago, Tele2 has focused on taking on the role of a challenger in the Swedish mobile market. By constantly thinking in new, better and smarter ways, they have managed to win customers' hearts and are today Sweden's second largest operator in both the private and corporate markets.


Thinking in new ways, matching customers' demands is a mindset that Tele2 also has included in the part of the business that helps customers with tailor-made product supply. Many corporate customers are struggling putting vast amounts of time into managing the supply of products and services and maintaining a business-critical product park. In order to find ways to help customers in that maintenance, where there is usually plenty of time to save, we at SQLI and Tele2 joined forces to create smarter and more efficient flows for the customers.

Constant adaptation to meet new customer requirements

Our collaboration on an e-commerce solution for product supply was started just over 10 years ago when we together built up the solution that has now grown to turnover about 1 billion SEK annually. The solution is a customer-friendly webshop for Tele2's products and services which can be customized for specific customer needs linked to assortment, routines and ordering processes in order to create a tailor-made experience for Tele2's corporate customers.

In line with new technology development and new customer needs, new functionality such as Apptus search solution, single-sign-on, integrations with Tele2's ERP system for better price logic and InRiver PIM for better ordering of product data have been added.

In addition to technical adaptations, a great deal of focus was also placed on the visual part where a larger “facelift” in conjunction with Tele2's brand change 2016 was carried out. The visual part of e-commerce is continuously being developed in close sync with Tele2's design system.

- Our long partnership with SQLI is characterized by good communication and high technical knowledge from both parties, which makes us flexible in the constantly ongoing development process. We have great confidence in SQLI as a partner and they have great respect for us as purchasers. A winning combination!

Erik Alm Applications Responsible, Tele2