An Engaging Christmas Story about Elves

Manor, a big retailer and e-commerce company in Switzerland, has revived its popular unique Christmas narrative from the previous year. Elfred, the adorable character, was the campaign's main star this time. The small elf was featured in Manor's primary spot, "The Gift," which once again highlighted how Manor can make Christmas magic happen.

Manor's goal on social media was to reach a big Swiss audience and engage them in the story of the tiny elf, as well as drive online and offline sales over the Christmas season.


Social Media Brand Activation

SQLI Switzerland conveyed the narrative with an engaging social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram, enabling the public to jump into Elfred's environment by becoming elves themselves, to surprise all Swiss consumers with Manor's Christmas tale. 

Throughout the campaign, users could transform into elves by dressing up as Elfred with a Facebook AR filter built just for the campaign and posting selfies to Facebook. Thousands of people were renamed with amusing patronyms like "Isabelf Tannebaum" as part of the campaign, which included an elf name generator. A Manor elf certificate was presented to each participant to share with relatives and friends. Swiss users reacted excitedly and played with the content for a long time, with over 450'000 grabs using the filter, thousands of shares, and a high percentage of viral reach on every post. 

Several other articles, including carousel advertising, interactive tales, gifs, memes, playlists, and more, were created and published over the course of an 8-week campaign to poke fun at the elf universe. The marketing activation was finished with two DIY videos: "present wrapping lesson with Elfred" and "the Manor special advent calendar." 

Throughout the campaign, SQLI Switzerland also managed and optimized social media advertising, including Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and retargeting. SQLI used Facebook Analytics and other social media data management tools to assess the entire customer experience and identify applicable optimizations based on omnichannel data. 

Social Media Results in Switzerland

  • Reach: 2.8 million 
  • Impressions: 30 million 
  • Video views: 3.6 million 
  • Engagement (Instagram likes, comments, shares, reactions): 99'000 

People who responded to the social media campaign generated 28% more online revenue per paying user than those who did not. People who shared one of Manor's posts during the campaign had a 40% higher chance of winning than those who did not.