Digital fleet management

SQLI assists France’s leading auto parts distributor with its B2B & B2C business digital challenges.


Autodistribution is the leading distribution network of the PHE group, a major European player in the distribution of spare parts for automobiles and HGVs.

Through Autodistribution, PHE also runs the leading French network of multi-brand body repair workshops and garages, and contributes to the development of vehicle repair solutions.

SQLI has assisted Autodistribution since 2011 and is now becoming one of its business partners to help manage and develop the group’s digital assets.


Coordinate and develop Autodistribution’s digital assets

*Autodistribution and SQLI have developed a service partnership through several types of collaboration (including third-party application maintenance, maintenance in operational condition, dedicated cross-cutting projects for individual entities and brands, assistance and support) Spread across three production sites, the team uses an ecosystem of technologies (such as Symfony, Angular, EzPlatform, GitLab, SonarQube and Panther).

In addition to its operational support and technical competencies, SQLI provides a technology and business vision, so that Autodistribution can transform and adapt to the future challenges of its market. The services provided by SQLI’s teams also include agile and UX support, in order to enhance Autodistribution’s digital experience.

Autossimo: a first challenge successfully met

Autossimo is a strategic application for Autodistribution. This e-commerce platform enables thousands of garages to order their spare parts on a daily basis.

Autossimo generates several hundred million euros in annual sales. SQLI’s teams in France and Morocco took over management of its suite of applications at the end of 2018 and now support the brand’s growth objectives. SQLI guarantees the platform’s reliability, quality and performance.


Significant results

Autossimo’s performance is reflected by impressive sales growth (12% increase in 2019 and 16% by the end of September 2020), as well as a 14% increase in the number of user clients, despite the Covid-19 crisis.

SQLI also worked on improving the quality of the code and clearing the technical debt, in order to provide Autodistribution with a more stable, robust and secure application. Both internal and external users have expressed their satisfaction with the service and the number of complaints has been significantly reduced.

The future

New projects on the horizon

  • Technical and graphical overhaul of the Cora Auto and Mondial Pare-Brise websites
  • A new version of the website
  • The creation of a site factory for the Group’s brands.

“The key to the partnership is a relationship of trust. SQLI fully masters our technology environment and applications, and it understands our business and technical challenges equally well. “

Yann Gagnepain Solutions Ebusiness Director