AWS for IOT management

SQLI has developed for Amarenco solutions a web interface based on an AWS architecture.


Amarenco Solutions – formerly Carré Products – offers autonomous and communicating lighting solutions as well as specific product developments related to its energy management and IOT skills. In this context, the company needs an interface to manage information from lighting systems (street lamps, lampposts, …) connected to the IOT for its customers who are able to..:

  • Collect information from connected autonomous solar lighting systems.
  • Allow users to access and manage the information transmitted by the lighting systems via a web platform.



Amarenco, an independent producer of photovoltaic energy with more than 2,000 infrastructure projects completed, has entrusted SQLI with the implementation of this project.

The SQLI experts began by setting up an Agile organisation, starting with the training of the Amarenco teams. Then they developed a web interface based on an AWS (Amazon Web Services) architecture recognised for the security and reliability of its services: API Gateway, DynamoDB, Lambda and S3.

Thanks to a good configuration of AWS services, the technical teams were able to proceed with the creation of an IOT module specialised in message processing.

The final interface is a platform using the latest technologies while remaining simple to upgrade.


SQLI was able to meet the challenge of implementing a flexible, powerful, elastic hosting solution, allowing for future scalability without delay or redesign.

In addition to the primary goal of the project; the management of connected lighting fixtures, its realisation has created notable secondary benefits :

  • Enhanced recognition as an IoT specialist.
  • A robust IoT module reused in other applications.
  • A strong added value on the information collected and shared via the platform.