Why you should use Instant Experiences for your brand

Ever clicked on an ad on Meta or TikTok feed that connected you to more videos or photos to swipe through on your phone, giving you an instant experience? Logically it has become the name for this full-screen experience. Get ready to use the ad format that’s perfect for your brand or business goals: let’s go! 

More and more clients are open to add Instant Experiences (IEX) to their communication strategy for both fun and serious content. If your website is slow to load its landing pages or doesn’t have enough inspiring content – also known as a bad web experience, the Instant Experience trend will save you!  

Great quiz mechanism

Creative Instant experiences are key 

Brands can build their image by using cool formats and an Instant Experience gives you exactly that opportunity. Your brand can stand out from competitors thanks to such creative approaches. For example, an IEX has a great quiz mechanism. One of our customers, Eau Thermale Avène, which is a skincare brand, put together a great skincare quiz combined with a contest. Another client, Jules Destrooper added some gamification to people’s feeds, with a Valentine’s Day Instant Experience. You can imagine that the possibilities to make a unique, creative IEX are enormous.  

An extra advantage of an Instant Experience is that it’s perfectly designed to give more information compared to a normal ad. And as an extra bonus: it’s presented in a nice and engaging way. The time spent making the IEX is definitely worth it if we see the results!


More viewability

No time to hesitate 

An Instant Experience is a full-screen immersive experience which means there will be a higher attention rate and more viewability, which eventually is what a brand wants. You even have the possibility to measure the time spent watching the Instant Experience, the completion ratio and the outbound Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Don’t expect to have all the details like your website analytics, but you’ll have enough to know how well the ad has performed. Moreover, the results you get are usually better than results on your website and the outbound CTR is usually higher.  

Some extra advantages and options you can use: 

  • You can retarget people who scrolled through your IEX, which is interesting given the limitations of cookies these days. 
  • It’s a good way to keep people on the platform as much as possible. 
  • You can include your catalogue in an IEX and then retarget people who looked at your catalogue. This is also to avoid the cookie issues
  • You can easily link to a lead form or other pages from within the IEX. 
  • And it’s suitable for fun and more serious topics - for example, we used an IEX for an employer branding campaign for Colruyt Group, which had a high CTR and more engaged clicks than average.  

Publishing an Instant experience is possible on Meta, mobile only. Since a few months, you can also use the same mechanism on TikTok! There, IEX are called Instant pages and they too will give you a lightning-fast experience. Just like TikTok that didn’t want to get behind on the trend, your brand shouldn’t either.  

For brands it’s smart to consider IEX because you can do the creative work once and then roll it out on multiple platforms. So, save time by making one Instant Experience instead of making different single ads.  An Instant Experience will also help your brand gain more visibility and reach on different platforms, grow your sales and drive traffic to the places you want thanks to the calls to actions you include and the engagement with this unique format. It’s a win-win(-win-win)!  

Are you, after reading this blog post, convinced that an IEX is what your social media strategy is missing? Then we’d love to take up the challenge of creating the perfect IEX for you and we’d be happy to talk it over with you!  

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