Why you should use Instant Experiences for your brand

Have you ever clicked on an advertisement on your Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok feed that connected you to more videos or photos to swipe through on your phone and have an immediate experience? It makes sense that it is now used to refer to this full-screen experience called Instant Experience. Prepare to employ the ad format that will best serve your brand's or company's objectives: let's go!

Clients are becoming increasingly willing to use Instant Experiences (IEX) into their communication strategies for both lighthearted and serious content. The Instant Experience trend will help you if your website's landing pages take a long time to load or lacks inspiring content, both of which are considered to be poor web experiences.

Great quiz mechanism

Creative Instant experiences are key

Brands can enhance their reputation by utilizing hip formats, and an Instant Experience gives you the chance to do just that. With such original strategies, your brand can differentiate itself from the competition. For instance, an IEX has a fantastic quiz system. A fantastic skincare quiz and contest were created for one of our clients,  Eau Thermale Avène. Jules Destrooper, a different client, gamified people's feeds by including a Valentine's Day Instant Experience. You can see that there are a ton of opportunities to create an original, inventive IEX.

An additional benefit of an Instant Experience is that it is expertly made to provide more information than a typical advertisement. Additionally, it is presented in a pleasant and interesting manner. If we look at the results, the time invested creating the IEX was clearly worthwhile!


More viewability

No time to hesitate 

A brand ultimately wants a full-screen immersive experience called an Instant Experience since it will have a greater attention rate and increased viewability. The duration of the Instant Experience, the completion rate, and the outbound Click-Through-Rate can all be measured (CTR). Expect to not have all the information like your website statistics, but you will have enough to understand how the advertisement has performed. Additionally, the outcomes you receive are typically superior to those on your website, and the outbound CTR is typically greater.

Some extra advantages and options you can use: 

  • You can retarget people who scrolled through your IEX, which is interesting given the limitations of cookies these days. 
  • It’s a good way to keep people on the platform as much as possible. 
  • You can include your catalogue in an IEX and then retarget people who looked at your catalogue. This is also to avoid the cookie issues
  • You can easily link to a lead form or other pages from within the IEX. 
  • And it’s suitable for fun and more serious topics - for example, we used an IEX for an employer branding campaign for Colruyt Group, which had a high CTR and more engaged clicks than average.  

Publishing an Instant experience is available on Facebook and Instagram, mobile devices only. You may apply the similar approach on TikTok as of recent months! IEX are known as Instant pages on TikTok, and they will also provide you with an incredibly quick experience. Your brand shouldn't fall behind the trend, just like TikTok didn't want to.

It makes sense for brands to take IEX into account because you can create the content once and then launch it across several platforms. Therefore, create a single Instant Experience rather than multiple single adverts to save time. As a result of the calls to action you provide and the interaction with this distinctive format, an Instant Experience will also assist your business in expanding its visibility and reach across many platforms, increasing sales, and directing traffic where you want. It's a win-win situation!

Are you, after reading this blog post, convinced that an IEX is what your social media strategy is missing? Then we’d love to take up the challenge of creating the perfect IEX for you and we’d be happy to talk it over with you!  

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