a successful lead gen campaign for Unilin panels

Unilin Panels

A successful lead gen campaign for Unilin Panels

Let’s talk interior! Unilin panels, the producer of luxury laminate, parquet and vinyl flooring, asked SQLI for a boost in their B2B sales. Our performance team provided a whole new strategy and generated a lot of leads (no, really a lot). Laminate and performance? At the end it’s all about getting enough clicks. Isn’t it?

a successful lead gen campaign for Unilin panels

Meet Unilin Panels

Unilin offers B2C and B2B interior solutions with their easy to apply structures for floors, walls and ceilings. You might know them as the inventor of laminate. Nowadays they offer much more, such as matching accessories for the construction and interior design sector. Their solution is always sustainably produced, flexibly available and outstanding in design.

The challenge

On the hunt for new customers, Unilin asked SQLI to be their new strategic partner and revamp their B2B sales, with a focus on designers and decision makers in the Retail (shops, supermarkets, fashion), Hospitality and Catering industry (hotels, restaurants and bars). Our challenge? Generate as many quality leads as possible.


A strategy that generates leads

Our strategic team combined storytelling and inspiration with a performance-driven engine to generate the most qualitative leads.

We started by defining the different target groups and channels and then decided how and where to approach them. We then picked Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as channels to reach them. However, throughout the optimisation process, we concluded that LinkedIn wasn’t generating leads at the expected cost and decided to shift the budget towards other platforms.

Monthly, we pushed the target audience through the following funnel:

  • In the awareness phase we showed 1 video, adapted to the different platforms, to a rather broad audience. People that were interested in the video or watched it for over 3 seconds were then retargeted in the second phase.
  • In this second phase, we offered them engaging content on all the platforms with inspiring visuals and galleries. In this phase, we stirred their interest by offering more information or tips & tricks.
  • Being already quite interested in the topic, the engaged people got retarged again with a traffic campaign. We pushed them towards the website where they could discover a successful and finished project case.
  • In the fourth and final phase, the blog readers were retargeted on Facebook only with a lead-generation form. Since this audience went through the whole funnel and we captured its full attention & interest, many leads were generated. So many actually, that the customer couldn’t follow handling them!

Hello Pinterest!

Next to this lead generation flow, we also inspired future customers on Pinterest. We shared all kinds of creative content that matched the interests of the different industries.

In a nutshell? Unilin Panels got the leads and awareness they wanted -- more than that actually! That’s why we’ll continue to work together in the upcoming year to further improve this successful performance-driven lead gen strategy.

  • 66 high-qualified leads were generated
  • 30,4% avg. engagement rate
  • 28 on-site conversions
  • 422k impressions

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