Advanced Power Solutions

The digital journey of APS

Welcome to the electrifying world of Advanced Power Solutions (APS), the European manufacturer that houses renowned consumer brands. SQLI Digital Belgium was excited to execute the digital journey of creating APS'S branding, developing a cutting-edge website and boosting their presence on social media. Get ready to be energized!

A strong positioning

When a brand encompasses multiple sub-brands or divisions, it's crucial to establish a strong brand architecture and define the relationship between these brands. APS, a true 'House of brands,' proudly includes Panasonic, eneloop, and Blaupunkt, with each sub-brand retaining its unique visual identity. We’ve positioned the mother brand which formed the basis for working out the brand personality.

A spark of excellence

Defining the APS brand personality

Before embarking on the branding journey, it was essential to define the APS brand personality. SQLI and APS collaborated closely to uncover the brand's principles and core values. The APS brand revolves around four guiding principles: Excellence, Sustainability, Innovation & Exploration, and User-Orientation. Without capturing the brand personality, we would never find the correct verbal and visual identity. 

The art of energy 

Creating a striking visual identity

With one predetermined main color and a logo provided by APS, our empowered art director worked tirelessly to craft a visually captivating brand identity. The process included several letter marks based on the existing logo, a solid brand architecture for the sub-brands, primary and secondary colors, a hierarchy of fonts, consistent icons, a style and mood board for imagery, and distinct design elements known as "flows”. The result has been compiled in a detailed brand book that beautifully harmonizes all these elements into an electrifying composition. 

Powered by Drupal 9 

Empowering dealers with a dynamic website 

The new APS website, powered by Drupal, serves as a comprehensive hub for dealers in the first place. It provides them with crucial information about APS and its sub-brands. The SQLI developers and designers have used the branding as their bible. On the website APS features all the products, an extensive FAQ section, SEO-proof blog posts, news updates, and even APS job opportunities


SEO-proofing the website

Boosting online visibility 

In today's digital landscape, a solid SEO-proof website is the only way to rank high on search engines. That is why our SEO content strategy played a pivotal role in optimizing the website. By incorporating strategic keywords, relevant topics, and high-quality information, we ensured that APS would rank higher in search engine results. 


Charging ahead on LinkedIn

Unleashing APS on social media 

As a house of brands, APS recognized the importance of social media for expanding their reach and promoting their mission and vision of a sustainable and innovative future. SQLI Digital Belgium successfully launched APS on LinkedIn, captivating audiences with a content wheel encompassing relevant topics for dealers and stakeholders like partners, shop owners, employees and future employees. From dynamic carousels to engaging videos, APS'S social media presence sparks excitement and establishes connections. 

Electrifying sessions

Training the customer 

SQLI Digital Belgium delivered a comprehensive package, equipping APS with a detailed Drupal manual and training sessions to handle their website components with ease. Together, we have powered APS'S digital journey, setting the stage for electrifying success and a brighter future. 

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