Zuny: VOO sets out to conquer digital natives with SQLI

A brand-new and 100%-digital telecoms provider is launching in Belgium

Telecoms provider VOO launched Zuny on 6th October 2020, especially created with Belgium’s younger generation in mind. When it came to developing the web platform and Progressive Web App (PWA) for its exclusively online services, it chose SQLI, a European firm renowned for its expertise in designing and implementing e-Commerce and SAP solutions.

Zuny, “the best you can get” (« l’offre de ta vie quoi »)

Zuny is Belgium’s newest telecoms brand that operates entirely online and offers contract-free and commitment-free plans. With it, VOO is targeting the country’s highly sought-after digital natives with packages that mix internet, mobile and TV series. Zuny offers unlimited broadband and two catalogues of exclusive TV series, which can be combined with various optional extras that customers can activate and deactivate at will (e.g. mobile plans and access to several sports and themed channels).

To bring the concept to fruition, VOO evidently needed a robust e-Commerce infrastructure that was both tailored to its complex IT systems as well as the specific needs of the telecoms sector. The operator chose SQLI because of its expertise in omnichannel commerce, experience with digital technology and its knowledge of SAP solutions, particularly SAP Commerce Cloud and its integrated Telco accelerator.

The winning combo for an always-connected population

VOO had already been impressed by SAP’s accelerator after using it for its IT systems. This collection of features, which integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud, was especially designed for the telecoms business model. It makes it quick and easy to implement:

  • An online process for signing up to a plan
  • Checks for new customer eligibility
  • Compatibility rules for installing a new customer’s network
  • A ‘Selfcare’ interface enabling a customer to manage their data and optional extras, track usage and more
The SQLI team assisted with:

  • Development of the platform’s front-end and e-commerce dimension
  • Additional developments to the Telco accelerator to meet VOO’s needs and requirements
  • Integration of the platform with the IT systems
  • Incorporation of the TM Forum international standards specific to the telecoms sector
  • Writing SEO and Analytics specifications for the purposes of acquisition, creating online marketing launch campaigns and marketing metrics

To ensure a mobile-first design, the team developed a PWA with React in addition to the web platform, providing an extra resource for acquiring the highly connected leads.


Zuny brought to life by a multi-disciplinary team

SQLI brought together a multi-disciplinary team spread across Belgium, Morocco and Lyon in order to develop and implement Zuny’s platform using SAP’s solution. They worked closely with stakeholders at VOO and SAP which resulted in the site being launched with an extremely short time-to-market of only 4 months.

As Soufian Hadouch, Director of IT and Solution Delivery at VOO, affirms: “The success of a project depends on trust; the people are the most important aspect as it’s all about creating value together. SQLI’s personal approach was what convinced me to choose them for Zuny’s launch, as well as their ability to quickly put together a team in order to meet the deadline“.

VOO, extremely happy with its experience with SQLI, extended the partnership to 2021 to maintain and expand the operational scope of its platform.

Learn about Zuny at:  www.zuny.be