[Ebook] What's involved in building the right MVP?

Are you thinking of replatforming your current e-Commerce business or launching a new brand or region within a short period of time?

Setting up a new online store can be a daunting task as there is so much you need to consider and it can come at a huge cost, both financially and timewise. This is why many merchants today are opting for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach.

What's in the ebook ?

The aim of this ebook is to give you an overview of what’s involved in building an e-Commerce MVP. It is relevant to both B2B and B2C e-Commerce managers, marketing managers and anyone interested in growing their e-Commerce business.

The content provides you with an overview of what to expect from an MVP. It includes advice on how to prioritize and looks at what’s involved, from both a business and technical perspective.

It also gives you tips, insights and practical advice on how to ensure this quick-to-market approach will contribute to your e-Commerce growth.


Page 3 - Introduction

Page 3 - The challenges of an e-commerce MVP

Page 6 - The benefits of an e-commerce MVP

Page 8 - The 5 key phases of an e-commerce MVP

Page 14 - What is included?

Page 16 - The tech behind an MVP

Page 19 - Tips for a successful e-commerce MVP

Page 20 - Case study

Page 22 - Conclusion

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