[Webinar] Field service management

Want to cut field service costs but also increase customer satisfaction and revenue? Only one solution: Field Service Management (FSM) by SAP. Provide an effortless, proactive service experience with this cloud-based solution and empower your technicians.

What is FSM?

FSM is composed of an easy to use and powerful dispatching board, mobile apps for your technicians and engineers, smartforms & feedback, customer self-service and analytics & reports. It connects the entire field service management value chain with innovative technology and deep understanding of customer needs and optimizes the workflow through 7 fields:

  1. Planning: the planning of technicians in an optimal way
  2. Mobile access: digital access with no paperwork afterwards
  3. Self-service: the use of an FSM system as a client booking tool to assign technicians based on knowledge, region,…
  4. Reporting: opportunity to analyze the way of working of the technicians in order to spot trends and to improve the overall customer service
  5. Communication & feedback: improve resolution time, secure quality by dynamic checklists and improve transparency between technicians and customers by sharing data
  6. Connected objects: take your customer service to the next level by reducing and preventing interventions
  7. Crowd Service: team expansion and operational maximization
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You will learn:

  • How SAP FSM helps you to manage your technician's planning through an easy to use graphical dashboard
  • To discover embedded SAP FSM Mobile solutions to support on field service performance
  • To increase your customer satisfaction with efficient planning and regular communication
  • How easily the SAP FSM solution is integrated to your SAP backend environment
  • SAP FSM Self-Service portal: easy and straightforward management of field service requests through your digital customer access

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