[Event] Digital Trend Alert: We are digital marketers, of course we eat trends for breakfast

Our digital strategists, Adeline and Frauke, made a checklist of digital trends you need to know about this quarter. With a delicious breakfast and an interactive presentation filled with hands-on advice this was an opportunity you missed. Luckily you can always contact us for a chat or to schedule a coaching session!

What was on the agenda for our free Digital Trends Alert event? ​​

  • 9 AM: Breakfast and networking opportunity​​
  • 9.30 AM: 2 sessions with a coffee break​
    •  Social SEO: say what?​
    •  Long or short: your video length matters​
    •  How to make social shoppable?​
    •  And much more​
  • 11.45 AM: Q&A​
  • 12.30 PM: Networking lunch with peers​

You’re interested in boosting your marketing, of course you know all about the new digital trends. Or do you only know about the current AI trend, and not the others? No worries: our digital strategists scrolled their little hearts out and handpicked some trends they are ready to share. Like, which platform would be best to reach Gen Z, or did you know there is such a thing as a “pragmatist generation”? And what should you do about your video content: make it short or longer? Contact us and get all the answers.😉​