Product upgrades for your CRM: be smart to evolve?

If your organization uses a CRM, there is a faily good chance that it is running by itself. And as long as it works, there is probably little wish to update it. However in the mean time your editor is releasing recurrent upgrades, included in the fee you pay. So, you’re probably missing out some really nice and relevant adaptations that would benefit to your team or company. The present article will tackle the following: to take or not to take the benefits of recurrent SAP upgrades.  

Quarterly upgrades 

Each three months, the editor delivers a new upgrade with a batch of corrections and new functionalities. The idea of those releases is: 

  • To fix security or platform-related issues  
  • To hear the customer voice and requests 
  • To continuously deliver what users expect from SAP 

So the plan of your softwareplatform to continuously improve the product is great. Unfortunately, too many CRM users are missing out on the activation of these proposed features on their running platform. They are most of the time not even aware of all proposed new functionalities and improvements.

Sounds familiar? In this case most probably the product you already own and use, has the ability to look fresher, to provide shortcuts, improved screens, and new features to simplify your user’s life. If you don’t follow up upgrades, you have all those enhancements just waiting for you to activate or acknowledge them. 

What we do for your CRM

Recurrent situation 

After multiple years of implementation of CRM solutions at different organizations, we start to see a recurrent pattern. Putting in place a CRM in a company requires several types of efforts of time and financial investment. Once done, there is often the consideration that the project is over, and the platform can deliver the results.

There is also the wrong perception that making your CRM evolve will require additional consequent investments.   Unfortunately, this lack of adaptability and improvement of the CRM ends up in a situation where the tool loses adoption and is considered as an “old goat”. Maybe reliable, but very dull and not that useful anymore… 

SQLI touch to support upgrades

In this context, we have put in place a workshop to support our customers, to benefit from the regular SAP upgrades and – as important – make them autonomous to follow them up. Those upgrades are based on industry feedback; hence they contain relevant visual improvements, new features, shortcuts, all with the purpose of keeping users on track within their CRM and improving the usage of it.

Having a CRM that is up to date with relevant activated enhancements allowed our customers to display an image of a constantly evolving CRM to their Sales collaborators and retain users on the platform. Would be a shame to miss this out! To do so, we have set a framework to support our customers, so they reap the benefits of editor-made upgrades. 

SQLI’s upgrades framework 

We keep a record of all the changes delivered by each upgrade during the last years. Doing so allows us to target the right place and share the relevant changes for their industry with our customers and put immediate change into place.  

After sharing the information on new enhancements it’s time for action. In a matter of days, we deliver the following to-do list in order to update your system and allow quick wins: 

  • Unwrap all the recent major changes of the last years 
  • Audit your system in comparison with new features that may not be used 
  • Audit of your current system and usage of the system 
  • Analyze your current business processes 
  • Propose a backlog of relevant improvements 
  • Activate the improvements in your CRM environments 

Giving autonomy 

Next to that, we also have a dedicated approach to track the future relevant changes within the upgrades and we share our method with our customers. 

Want to know more? 

You can contact us to have more details about how our one-shot methodology can benefit your organization to follow up SAP upgrades, spruce up your CRM platform and keep it up to date. 

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