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We help B2B marketing teams tackle and simplify their complex challenges by providing them with tools and frameworks to build a strong marketing foundation or accelerate their marketing growth.

Our team goes beyond just providing specific marketing services. We believe that in order to help you solve your complex B2B marketing problems and really achieve growth, we need to work closely together in a way that goes further than just working on a service-focused way.

Our goal is to help you navigate the complex landscape of B2B Digital Marketing. We have +20 years of experience supporting B2B organizations building and growing their digital success. We are the partners to guide you in building your first successes with digital marketing or challenge you to push your growth to new levels. We will work closely with you to identify your pain points, frame the right problems, and provide you with customized B2B Digital Marketing solutions that are both pragmatic and result-oriented.

Whether you are just getting started with digital marketing and need to set the foundation, or looking to expand your capabilities further by accelerating growth, we have two proven programs according to your digital maturity that are then completely tailored to your individual needs.

Foundation phase

Your marketing team is ready to take the first big steps to develop digital marketing. However, resources are limited and digital B2B marketing is complex and time consuming. You don't really have time to properly guide people.

The key questions in this phase are: What should you focus on to ensure that you get a grip on your digital marketing? How can you grow the results and opportunities?

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  • Marketing and sales are not well aligned. Lead generation is difficult for the organization.
  • The current customer data is not fully utilized, it is not centralized or it has a low quality which slows down progress.
  • You have difficulty convincing management to invest in additional marketing resources.
  • You want to provide data-driven, customer-centric experiences but that seems too complex.
  • You struggle with internal silos that stand in the way of organizational change.

Organizations in low or medium maturity levels face challenges related to the lack of efficient processes, resources, skills or enabling technology in place.

For long-term scalability and growth, a solid foundation needs to be set in place before moving forward with digital marketing maturity. This foundation requires building the right processes, technology, data and resources. The foundation shall be built in a pragmatic way, and considering quick wins and customer value from the start.

At SQLI we have 20+ years of expertise helping international B2B organizations establish a solid B2B foundation for digital marketing.

With our pragmatic 3-step approach we focus on defining the best solution and steps your organization should take in order to gain most value from the start, while working on building the long-term foundation. We set the basics right and drive your team to quickly evolve and gain traction and momentum.

We aim to be the digital marketing partner that guides your organization in navigating the complex marketing landscape and support your team's growth and capabilities as needed.

An international B2B manufacturer in the clothing industry struggled to connect with their different customers. They already used a CRM system to collect customer data, but then barely used it. The valuable customer and account data accumulated and generated no value for the company. The necessary quality and consistency were lacking, making it difficult to use this data. The company was not yet using digital marketing channels to reach customers such as social media, paid advertising or email marketing.

As a digital partner, SQLI performed an audit of the current customer database to see how quickly key audiences could be reactivated. We then designed a strategy to reach these customers through a combination of digital channels. We proposed a marketing automation platform to minimize manual work and increase scalability. Campaigns were developed with the aim of reaching the most important target groups on a specific part of the customer journey. The integration of lead management rules, scoring, and routing helped lay the foundation for scalability and growth of their marketing initiatives.

If you can relate to the common challenges of this phase, SQLI can help you set a strong foundation to drive your digital marketing maturity in a pragmatic way and always closely linked to your business results and to offering real customer value from the get-go.

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Acceleration phase

Your B2B company already runs digital campaigns and has a CRM system in place, but further traction is lacking. There are internal limitations that make it difficult to optimally meet customer needs, preventing growth.

The big challenge of this phase is gaining agility to move efficiently as a company to meet the customer needs.

  • The sales and marketing departments work together, but the customer does not get a seamless experience across all channels.
  • Some marketing automation flows are already in place, but limited to segmented campaigns. There are not enough personalization elements.
  • The MarTech stack is not used to its full extend or is not inter-connected well, which creates operational challenges around data, marketing and sales processes as well as the deployment of CRM and other tools.
  • There is no holistic 360° customer view to effectively connect your marketing efforts and results. Customer data is not being converted efficiently enough into actionable insights.
  • There is a need to further leverage 1st party data to gain strategic value.

Organizations with an above average digital maturity level have already built the foundation needed to be able to efficiently and effectively grow. However, to really accelerate that growth, they are commonly struggling with scalability, resources or skills, adoption of new technologies, limitations from legacy processes or data, which prevents them from gaining the agility needed to grow.

For acceleration to happen, businesses need to be able to push their current ways of working by finding ways to optimize their processes or technology, leverage more insights for strategic growth and align all their resources and organization to do this.

At SQLI we have +20 years of expertise helping international B2B organizations consolidate their digital marketing capabilities and accelerate growth and business value.

We help you gain new perspectives and take a holistic view at your current capabilities and challenges, to together find opportunities for growth.

We aim to be the digital marketing partner that works closely with your team and dares to challenge existing business processes to trigger change and growth.

An international B2B manufacturer in the sports industry struggled to get to know the end customer due to its reliance on dealers and distributors to position the brand at the point of purchase. While the strong brand and effective marketing channels helped, the manufacturer lacked a centralized 360° customer view and a modern architecture that enables a D2C (direct to consumer) strategy. The big challenge was defining and prioritizing the next steps to enable growth to a new level.

SQLI supported defining a digital maturity roadmap. Central to this was the modernization of the architecture with which the manufacturer gets to know the end customer digitally and then also reaches it. This new architecture includes MarTech solutions that are more likely to be used by a B2C organization than a B2B organization, such as a CDP and an advanced marketing automation platform.

If you can relate to the common challenges of this phase, SQLI can help you simplify your complex B2B digital marketing challenges and accelerate your digital marketing maturity through our 1-on-1 personalized, pragmatic approach.

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