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Digital Product Strategy

Envision your products' future jointly with our Product Strategy experts. Craft experiences that delight customers, adhere to business objectives enabled by technology.

Envision the future of your Digital Product

In a time where digital growth is key and competition is relentless, it’s essential to focus on delivering value, always combined with measurable outcomes.

Digital product strategy development requires a thorough understanding of your customers, your market, and your business, combined with understanding your technological legacy and its limits in regards to innovation.

In a digital product strategy we jointly envision your products' future with a clear purpose and a shared vision that aligns with your business objectives. How to empower your team, and where to focus on, why, and specifically: when.

SQLI transformed 25+ years of e-commerce experience in a proven approach to drive your digital commerce to tangible, customer-validated success. Not only helping you to define your digital product strategy but to also bring them to market.



Our Approach

We are known for our strong focus on outcomes, not output. We collect market input, verify customer assumptions, create realistic and data-driven goals, give business advice and spar, implement cost-efficient solutions and coach your people on the job.

Our 5-step approach will focus on value delivery for challenges or opportunities, whether they are for new, or already existing digital products.

Step 1: Understand & define the challenge or opportunity

User research, organisational insights & data analysis to build a deep understanding of the problem to be solved or opportunity to be seized and to deliver value to your customers.

Step 2: Product Vision & Success, discover & define solutions

Formulate objectives and ideate potential solutions for the defined problem or opportunity. Strike the perfect balance between user needs as well as IT- and organisational capabilities.

Step 3: Prototype & Validate

Develop a prototype that will be tested by your target audience and validate assumptions.

Step 4: Roadmap & Plan

Integrate learnings and feedback from the user testing into a feasible roadmap and clearly outline a pragmatic plan to bring the digital product to your customers.

Step 5: Kick-off

Setup the team and stage them for delivery of success in an Agile environment.

What to expect

Clients perceive the collaboration with our Digital Product experts as inspiring, easy-going and pragmatic. Our deliverables are comprehensive and to the point. Don't expect a 60-page report.

  • Research, Insights & Analysis
  • Challenge or Opportunity statement
  • Product Vision, Objectives
  • Product Prototype
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Plan

We did this for

We believe that the best Digital Product Strategy's are developed together. Your stakeholders and our digital product experts, in one or multiple blended teams.

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