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Digital Experience Management enablement and data-driven customer experience services.

Create inspiring and relevant customer journeys

In this digital age, it’s all about the customer and their experience. Of course, customer-centricity has been important for some time now, but in recent years putting the customer experience before anything else has truly become leading. As a brand or company, you have to ensure that you’re able to provide a unique experience across all potential touchpoints of the customer journeys, for each and every one of your products and services. This experience has to be inspiring and relevant and meet and exceed all the specific wishes your customers may have for gathering information or making a purchase, all at that exact moment.

Increase conversion, loyalty and revenue

At SQLI, we have the toolbox and expertise to craft these digital experiences for all your channels and touchpoints. This includes matching the right (buyer) personas with personalized content; offering services and interactions that are made to fit can improve customer satisfaction and business reputation, and lead to higher conversion, loyalty, and revenue. In short, customer experience optimization is the key to success for businesses in the digital age. All this is made possible by combining deep data-driven insights, about personas and their customer journeys, with a creative approach that focuses on attracting and engaging potential customers across all relevant touchpoints. We can ensure your customer experience respects your user’s needs, and is characterized by ease-of-use and an intuitive UX.

Get to know your audience

Using all this data and the created customer segments, we can identify the technical solutions that best fit your business and goals to improve your customer engagement. It starts with selecting a digital experience platform solution that, at a base level, simply provides all the necessary features. But it’s equally important to ensure your Digital Experience Platform (DXP) also meets all your needs in regards to data-driven analytics and business intelligence solutions, as this enables you to get an increasingly better understanding of who your audience is. Combined with more data about your customer journey, and the digital marketing landscape across your channels in general, you gain valuable performance insights. This in turn allows you to link specific marketing initiatives and audience behaviour to sales, and reveals the real ROI of your efforts.

If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, we are here to help. SQLI is your full-service digital expert when it comes to customer engagement, properly integrating all your UX and experience management solutions and services!

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Implementation of your digital Experience Platform

We can implement your DXP, including Analytics and Experience Management. Discover how you can aggregate more data about your customer and their journey. 

Data-driven insights to create effective customer personas

Data-driven insights to create effective customer persona’s that enable you to offer relevant customer experiences and tailor-made marketing endeavours.

Requirement Backlog

Creating a requirement backlog, focusing on all your functional, non-functional, and technical needs.

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