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Digital Platform Architecture & Technology Strategy

Define a technology strategy that is tailored to fit your current and future business requirements and get the most value out of your future IT infrastructure.

Prioritize what truly matters

SQLI can help your company define a technology strategy that is tailored to fit your current and future business requirements. By understanding the needs and challenges of both your clients and your own organization, including any that may still present themselves further down the line, we enable you to set the right priorities. This ensures you get the most value out of your future IT-infrastructure, by realizing substantial gains in regards to your time-to-market, cost reduction, steering, and business processes.

Building from an in-depth assessment

After an extensive assessment of your digital maturity we’re able to clearly identify the current state of your e-commerce environment, how ready and well-suited it is for your plans, and efficiently guide you toward your goals. This assessment includes a FIT/GAP analysis, amongst others, and we take an in-depth look at your existing Data Canvas and IT environment. In addition to suggesting the best architecture for your specific situation, we also support you throughout the implementation process, with careful consideration for your budget and organizational conditions.

Together we are ready for tomorrow

When designing this effective IT strategy together with you, we never lose focus of the cultural and structural impact that accompanies it. We show you how to manage the change process and execute your IT-strategy in a way that involves your entire company, as this leads to the highest possible commitment and involvement across the board. When it comes to your digital maturity, our vision isn’t limited to E-commerce but encompasses the entirety of digital innovation and trends. The only real way to ensure your continued digital growth.

Digital Strategy Roadmap Workshop

In our workshop we can support you in creating and executing your digital strategy, and defining clear and measurable goals that drive your digital maturity, customer satisfaction and the overall success of your organization. 

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E-Commerce Partners


High level digital strategy

The crafting of a high level digital strategy that includes a value proposition, personas, customer experience maps, and a decision paper.

IT architecture

The defining of your targeted IT architecture, with a focus on; flexibility, performance, scalability, data integration, and organizational conditions.


Organisational guidance, release management, and continued support. We never lose focus on the bigger picture and your continued digital growth.

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