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Data Governance & Data Management

Data governance defines the roles, policies, and procedures needed when dealing with data. Data management is then, to a considerable extent, the technical implementation of data governance. The benefits of having both implemented properly are endless.

The foundation of a future proof data strategy

There is really no question anymore, data is gaining ground in every single organization around the world. Increasing amounts of data are being created and needs storage. And regulations regarding data are implemented everywhere. And most importantly, data is being deployed more and more to answer business questions, to help make better decisions, and to help organizations gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. With this increasingly important role for data, it is not surprising that both data governance and data management are also gaining in importance and influence within many companies.

What is data governance?

Data governance defines the roles, policies, and procedures needed when dealing with data. It makes sure your organization complies with general and specific regulations and can benefit from its data to the fullest. Data management is then, to a considerable extent, the technical implementation of data governance. The benefits of having both implemented properly are endless:

  • Confidence in your data ➔ Knowing your data represents the one and only truth.
  • Compliance with regulations ➔ When you know where your data is stored, who has access to it, and what is done with it, it will be much easier to comply with a growing number of various regulations, like GDPR.
  • Trustworthy business intelligence and analytics ➔ When your data represents the one truth, your analytics and business intelligence will be trustworthy.
  • Make full use of data by improving the operations of your organization ➔ Having your data in order allows your organization to quickly onboard new products, reduce time to market, know your customers better and communicate with them efficiently.

Having a proper data strategy starts with data governance.

How to get started

The best way to get started with data governance is by finding out what is already in place. Because no matter whether you already have a (master) data management system in place or not, or how many policies and regulations you already have on paper within your company, every organization is already “doing” data governance. Making these initiatives, policies, etc. more explicit and more deliberate is therefore often a very useful first step. After that, next steps should be defined by your organization’s short-term and long-term objectives.

But in all cases, putting deliberate thought in your data roles, processes, and policies will improve the competitive advantage that your data will allow you to have over your competitors. 

SQLI can help you with this and create a clear overview of the current situation, immediate improvements and with insights into your next steps.

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We will help you assess your “as-is” situation and how this can be improved to strengthen company objectives. The assessment will look at what processes and policies are already in place, which roles exist, and how this can be developed further to reap the full benefits of your data. 

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Support from beginning to end

SQLI can help you with your mission to optimize your data governance from beginning to end. From consultancy, which includes an extensive assessment to map your current situation and all potential improvements, to designing the roles, policies, and processes that will allow your data to thrive. We ensure that the focus is on realizing company objectives and will design a well-thought-out monitoring and evaluation system that can measure the effects of the program.

Improve your current monitoring & evaluation system

Having a good system in place to evaluate and monitor your data governance program will allow you to showcase your results, create company wide support for the data governance program, and of course will allow you to improve it when and where necessary.

Our Expertise

Successfully implementing best-practice solutions is no small task and requires an advisor with experience, insights and commitment. SQLI can support you to exceed your business goals, with the confidence and expertise earned throughout the years.

SQLI has more than 30 years of experience with digital and E-commerce. We run workshops, guide personal interviews, and take an objective deep dive into your solution, together with you, as 1 team. We have people with experience in all aspects of MDM/PIM, enabling us to guide you to a comprehensive 360° view of your current data management approach.

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