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MDM / PIM Platform Audit & Advice

Build a solid, improved foundation for running and managing your solutions. We provide you with the tools needed to confidently handle all your data management challenges, even the ones that may not yet be on your radar.

Discovering the current state of your Data Management

Are you doing business on the cutting-edge of innovation? Or do you reluctantly recognize that competing businesses run at a higher pace and are further along their digital transformation? Fortunately, improvements to how you manage your MDM/PIM system and processes can greatly increase the value it provides and put you back in the game. It all starts with recognizing the limitations of your current data management and how this is preventing you from reaching your goals.

SQLI can support you in your digital transformation through an objective assessment that reveals what stage you are currently in, with regard to your digital approach, data quality, technology, organisation, and processes. The results will clearly address the core pain points and recommendations, based on best practices and our comprehensive experience in this area.

The importance of an MDM / PIM Audit & Advice

SQLI’s MDM/PIM Audit & Advice service helps you build a solid, improved foundation for running and managing your implemented solutions, and enables you to achieve your business goals. We provide you with the tools needed to confidently handle all your data management challenges, even the ones that may not yet be on your radar. Our data management audit is a non-intrusive deep dive into how you manage data, what kind of data you specifically want to manage within your organization, and where that data is managed, from both an organisational and technical perspective. The conclusion of the audit will provide you with a crystal-clear view of what is working as intended, what should be improved, and what steps you need to take to reach your goals.

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Get more value and usability from your data. We audit your MDM/PIM status with more than 60 criteria aspects to help find out how to get the most value out of your data management solutions, lower your data-related costs and reach your business goals. 

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During the Audit & Advice process, SQLI audits your MDM/PIM status from several perspectives to create a comprehensive 360° view. Data Management always aims at targets that create value. For this reason, we don’t limit our Audit & Advice to technical aspects alone. The following are some examples of the 60+ criteria covered in our comprehensive approach:

    • Add KPIs to your current MDM/PIM solution, based on your roadmap
    • Organizational setup, MDM/PIM readiness/maturity
    • Business channel requirements for your Data Management approach
    • Commercial operating status for MDM/PIM
    • Potential future requirements (e.g. requirements due to legal regulations)
    • Health check of your MDM/PIM solution
    • Architecture & system setup
    • Data model review
    • Integration setup
    • End-to-end data management approach, based on our best practices
    • Monitoring and quality management of your existing setup
    • Assessment of future viability

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    • Health check of your current development stack
    • Code & performance review (optional)
    • Deployment processes
    • Source code Management processes

    Why SQLI?

    SQLI Digital Experience ist ein 1990 gegründetes europäisches Full-Service-Digitalunternehmen, das sich darauf spezialisiert hat, den digitalen Wert führender internationaler Unternehmen zu ermitteln, aufzubauen und zu steigern.

    Unser Team besteht aus technisch versierten und kreativen Denkern, die sich dafür einsetzen, durch modernste Technologie, Methodik, Know-how und Kreativität aussagekräftige und ansprechende Kundenerlebnisse zu schaffen, um Kunden- bzw. Benutzernähe aufzubauen und Aufmerksamkeit zu erzeugen. Wir planen, entwickeln und implementieren robuste und qualitativ hochwertige Architekturen für bessere Agilität, höhere Effizienz und schnelleres Wachstum der Unternehmen.

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