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Continuous Optimization Post-Launch

Improve your digital commerce via insights-driven continuous improvements and conversion optimisations immediately after your first Product Release.

Get more out of e-commerce operations with continuous improvements

It isn't good enough to redefine your company's site every few years. You will learn more about your customers and their needs from many small adjustments that make life easier for them than one big platform change. And they will love you for it.

What is Continuous Improvement?

Continuous improvement (CI) is a proven approach that is used to identify opportunities for improvement, try them out and keep the successful ones.

Results you can expect

With CI you can expect tangible results quickly:

  • Drive customer value to increase sales - because customer value means more conversion
  • Remove issues that cause friction for your customers - that will improve the customer experience
  • Get rid of waste - to reduce your operational costs
  • Reduce amortisation - keeping up with client expectations and the competition means you prolong the lifetime of your e-commerce platforms and digital storefronts
  • Reduce churn - because less friction and more value mean customers that return to buy from you

Contract us to continuously run the improvement cycle for you - for as long as you need us

Our team runs the continuous improvement cycle for your company so that you receive a steady stream of monthly improvements that can be implemented. A single cycle can vary from a few days to a few weeks - pending on your sprint set-up.

The first cycle is on us!

Continuous improvement is a long-term commitment of improvements cycles. We are so convinced of the value that it brings that we offer the first cycle for free to prove it. Of course, your team will be invited to run the first cycle with us if they like.

Our 3-step Approach

Our approach is quick, adaptive and result-driven to get the improvement cycle spinning.


Step 1: Together we define the objectives

We align on your objectives and the key performance indicators you consider most important. We want to track and ensure you are actually going in the right direction of realising your business objectives. Your digital and business strategy is used as input.

To assist your product owner (PO) in keeping an eye on the results and key performance indicators we will provide you with a dashboard.

Step 2: Together we setup a blended team

When setting up a CI team, SQLI has the capacity to source roles that are not available in your organisation and form a blended team with internal and external members across different functions and departments. That ensures the right expertise at the right time. 

The team can differ per cycle depending on the expertise needed, for example:

To align stakeholders and prioritise improvements according to business value.

To discover business opportunities and process improvements.

To review your web analytics and BI data to spot opportunities and dashboarding.

To help find opportunities, help analyse results and advice on improvements.

To draw sketches or actual designs that can be shown to customers.

To develop and user test mock-ups.

To advice on future proof solution architecture.

By keeping the UX Consultant and the PO involved in every cycle, we ensure that knowledge about your solution and past (successful and unsuccessful) learnings remain available to team members. They are responsible for running each cycle too.

Step 3: Run the continuous improvement cycle - and keep running it!

25+ years of e-commerce experience makes us well suited to run CI for our clients. We use the continuous improvement cycle that is a tried and tested approach by Google: PDCA. This results in a large number of relatively small improvements that can be tried with minimal impact.

We use tools to gather both O-data (operational data that is primarily quantitative) and X-data (experience data that is often qualitative) to provide insights.

Together we kickstart the process. The first improvement cycle we run together with your team to get our teams acquainted and decide together on a way of working. From there we run the cycle for you or together with you.

What to expect

Our typical PDCA cycle runs with a monthly frequency. Depending on your ambitions we can start with 1 day per week or scale up to multiple Continuous Improvement Experts for the CI team.

With continuous improvement companies can typically expect:

  • Quick results via cost-effective and iterative process
  • Increased revenue through improved customer experience
  • Cost reduction by optimising operations
  • Increased stakeholder and employee involvement adaptation

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