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Digital Scalable Teams

Rely on our digital scalable team's expertise to drive value in the short term and help you prepare your team for the continued success of your commerce platform and digital presence.

The right people for the job

The universal importance of having the right people for the job especially holds true when it comes to getting the most value out of your digital solutions. After all, a cutting edge and full-featured commerce platform is only as good as the people that manage and built upon it. Relying on a capable and knowledgeable core team ensures you are prepared for the dynamics that accompany a project of this magnitude and creates enough breathing room to focus on the cost-effectiveness, scalability, and reliability of your commerce platform.

Incorporating external expertise

At SQLI, we’re extremely proud of our people and have a long history of building successful and lasting relationships with satisfied clients. Our teams are characterized by the quality, flexibility, and commitment they provide. Providing QA through Testing Conception, Regression Testing, and Automated Testing Procedures, we’ve already supported many great brands in the execution of their digital roadmap. Using our external expertise drives the most value in the short term and transfers complementing and fresh knowledge to your company, which in turn safeguards the continued success of your commerce platform.

Enabling you to properly manage your platform

When it comes to SQLI’s role in the creation of your digital scalable team, the possibilities are endless. We can build a team comprised solely of our own experts, but we can also fill a select number of roles alongside your own employees in a blended interdisciplinary team. Our teams are comfortable working in an Agile Project Management (Scrum), Waterfall, or Hybrid (ScrumFall) environment, and can either work from your location or make use of both near and far shoring options, depending on your logistical needs and options. The result is that we not only hand you the right tools, we also ensure you become adept at using them, allowing you to realize the full potential of any digital endeavour.

We did this for


Flexibility and Scalability in your core team

This allows you to focus on cost-effectiveness, and safeguards the scalability and reliability of your commerce platform.

Proficient with all leading solutions and tools

Including, but not limited to:

  • Adobe, Bloomreach SAP CX, Qualtrics, Commercetools, Magento, Guided Selling Solutions (Zoovu), Stibo Systems
  • Digital marketing technology and campaigns
  • Online branding, design and design systems
  • Front-end: React, Vue, and Angular
  • Back-end: Java, Spring, PHP, HANA (SAP DB), and MySQL


Committed and knowledgeable team members that can transfer their experience to your employees and support them for as long as needed, either in a blended setup or as a completely new team staffed fully by SQLI.

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