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Dynamic campaigning, AI-driven personalization, DXP and optimization technology to enable automation and ensure customer-centricity of your commerce.

The power of UX

The impact and benefit of an engaging CX combined with an intuitive User Experience should be abundantly clear; if a customer feels good when interacting with your brand, they are more likely to buy your products or services. If they get frustrated however – because your website takes ages to load, or a store clerk is very arrogant and demeaning – they will most likely be less inclined to become your customer.

As a digital agency, we can’t stress the importance of a good UX enough. You need to be able to instantly support users in getting what they want, and going where they want to go. They should be empowered to reach their goals with minimum effort, and experience your brand’s ecosystem as a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Build truly personalized experiences

Personalization is an increasingly valuable tool for capturing your audience’s attention, converting leads, and driving sales by improving your customer experience. Marketers today can personalize the emails and adds customers see, in addition to their on-site, mobile and in-app experience. Using a DXP for personalization can be invaluable for building audience profiles, creating segments, and guaranteeing a consistent personalized experience across all channels and devices.

To further strengthen your marketing efforts you can deploy contextual targeting, an old and simple strategy that remains highly effective. It essentially places your ads in the most appropriate place to be read, heard, or watched. There are many use cases for contextual targeting within digital advertising; such as anti-ad fatigue, improving relevancy, and guaranteeing a privacy-friendly environment

Next Best Offer, Next Best Action (NBONBA)

When talking about connected commerce services, offering personalised marketing doesn’t stop with displaying the correct ads or campaigns. ‘Next Best Offer, Next Best Action’ (NBONBA) is a customer-centric approach to marketing that considers the multiple different actions a specific customer can take, and then decides for each action what the best additional content is to provide. For ‘Next Best Action’ to function properly, this approach usually requires automated self-learning decisions that are powered by machine learning. This allows for making decisions in real-time that improve the chances of conversion at the exact moment a customer is considering making a purchase.

Through dynamic campaigning you can further personalise your digital advertising, and guarantee you always produce campaigns with the right message, for the right person, at the right time, with the best creative. Using data feeds, you can even tailor your content based on location, device, stock lists, and the weather, to name but a few examples. However, the real magic happens with one-on-one personalisation; the true personalisation of all marketing content, across channels and markets, with the copy, designs, and interactivity made specifically for the viewer. The ultimate digital campaign. 

If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, feel free to reach out to us. SQLI is your full service digital partner for creating and successfully executing personalised and scalable marketing strategies!

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Dynamic campaigning, AI-driven personalization and optimization technology

These technologies allow for the automation of your processes and improved customer-centricity and empower your CMS to become a content provider and deliver Content-as-a-Service (Caas) to many outputs and experiences, syndicated far beyond a single digital property.

Engaging Commerce Strategy

Creating blended engagement combined with a commerce strategy. This ensures your content doesn’t just complement your store, but seamlessly blends into your complete commerce experience.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Implementation

Implementing the DXP solution that best fits your organization. Together we can craft an evolutionary architecture roadmap to ensure your entire digital setup complements and enhances the individual components.

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