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Digital Platform Selection & Assessment

Choosing the right platform for your business is key for your E-commerce success. We help you find the perfect fit through in-depth evaluation and assessments.

E-Commerce success depends on the right solution for your needs

“Which Commerce solution is the best fit for my company and offers all the functionality we need?”

A common question and for good reason. With so many vendors and solutions currently available on the market, it’s more important than ever to answer this question correctly. This not only guarantees your immediate commercial success, it also ensures your perfect match is future proof.

Let Experience lead the way

Thanks to both our market and customer experience, SQLI is most certainly up to the task of guiding you on this journey. We have the expertise to help you identify which solution provides the functionality, flexibility, and scalability to meet your strategy and business requirements.

Using proven methodologies, we ensure the selected solution also matches the current technical landscape of your company and any requirements that may present themselves in the years to come. When it comes to commerce and a digital transition or transformation, being able to keep an eye on the bigger picture is essential.

SQLI can ensure your new platform allows and even encourages you to grow in digital maturity. This means you can scale operations where needed, and increase the reliability and stability of your platform with proven technology, which can be further customized if needed.

How to get started

We get the ball rolling by preparing a solution paper that respects both the technical and strategic landscape of your company. This paper also includes a shortlist with potential candidates, taking all RFI and RFP requirements into account. After deciding on the perfect solution together with you we create a tailored roadmap, comprised of short and long term goals, and everything in between. This way we realize both the smooth implementation of your new platform as well as its continued successful operation.

Solution Evaluation Assessment

Within our workshop you will learn which E-Com platform fits your organization, digital goals, maturity, and budget situation. We will provide you with a clear starting picture and vision. As a result of the analysis we will suggest a solution for your business model, positioning and value proposition.

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In-depth assessment

An in-depth assessment, that extensively maps your existing IT environment and architecture, that gets the ball rolling. This not only ensures that your new platform fits your current technical landscape, but also that it’s able to adapt to any and all requirements that may present themselves in the years to come.

High level digital strategy and roadmap

The crafting of a high level strategy, with short, mid, and long term goals. This also includes a detailed product roadmap, that clearly and efficiently steers you towards the platform that’s right for you.


Experience with all current and proven technologies, in addition to designing and adding custom solutions where needed.

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