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Customer Data Platforms

Enable efficient growth of your marketing results through personalization, in-depth data analytics and a better ROI for your marketing activities.

Unify all your Customer Data in a single solution for efficient marketing growth and better ROI

Customer data is key to meet your customers' needs. But, organizations are still not able to fully utilize it because they struggle with:

  • Handling an increasing amount of data flowing into their company coming from an increasing number of sources with their each their own processes and limitations
  • Using an increasing number of (Martech) tools and channels, which also creates data silos
  • The lack of a data centralization system in which to bring this customer data together into
  • The lack of in-depth customer data analysis that enables real-time actions 

Leaders must now look at ways of integrating the data to get deeper insights and enable additional marketing capabilities such as personalization, versus adding more points solutions that only add topical insights. Without integrated customer data, creating omnichannel highly-targeted campaigns or personalized customer experiences becomes virtually impossible. 

According to Gartner’s 2019 Multichannel Marketing Survey, 58% of the respondents indicated leveraging integrated customer data was a significant or moderate challenge.

This is where customer data platforms come into play: the go-to solution to collect, unify, analyze, and activate customer data in a single centralized platform.

CDPs are the missing piece

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are capable of collecting, unifying, analyzing, and activating all (first, second and third party) customer data. CDPs are the missing piece to connect separate Martech solutions, enable digital growth through omnichannel marketing & sales automation, and help leading companies become more data-driven, customer-centric.

The main use cases for a CDP are:

  • Unify all your customer data for a single source of data truth
  • Enable customer experience personalization and in-depth customer segmentation to offer your customers what they need
  • Enable omnichannel marketing automation for an efficient marketing orchestration
  • E-commerce experience personalization for conversion optimization
  • Future-proof and connect your Martech stack to enable its full potential

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Book a personalized CDP platform solution demo focused on the needs of your business and how a CDP could tackle your challenges. We’ll help you figure out the best solution to meet your customer needs, their pros and cons, demo the solutions of leading providers, and give you key insights into these tools.

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Tackle your customer data challenges, now

SQLI can support you with evaluating, selecting and implementing the best-adapted customer data platform (CDP) for your specific corporate challenges, your maturity, and the use cases you aim to cover with it. 

Since CDPs are a considerably new Martech tool and rapidly evolving with new features and players in the market, finding the right fit can become a challenge. In addition, ensuring data integrity, quality, and security during the implementation e integration without previous experience is no easy task. A trusted implementation partner will help you overcome this challenge, to make sure you're up and running fast to start using your CDP in a short time. SQLI is your full-service digital partner for addressing potential implementation challenges, and guaranteeing your solution meets all your business requirements.


CDP Partners


Customer Data Consultancy

SQLI offers Technical, RFI, and RFP consultancy for your customer data and its use cases.

Customer Data Platform Implementation

We help you to properly set up a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that allows you to get a 360 customer view, and create personalized and contextualized experiences that support your experience architecture (XA). Our team of experts is certified on several CDP solutions and will set up the right integrations, unify data across your different systems, ensure data security during the implementation, etc.

Marketing Consultancy

Setting up the CDP is only the first step. Taking full advantage of the customer data should be always the main goal through becoming a data-and customer-driven organization. We help you get the full potential of your CDP by assessing and setting up the use cases that will help you reach your next steps in digital growth.

In-depth customer analytics & Continuous improvements

We can set up real-time dashboarding to generate actionable insights for your team. Dynamic reporting, analytics and dashboarding will ensure up-to-date and relevant data insights. With a continuous improvement approach, we enable your organization to drive ongoing optimizations and growth based on a data-driven approach.


At SQLI, we design, develop and deploy high-performing commerce solutions, digital products and technologies for international A-brands. We are one of the largest digital specialists in Europe. We help you with your customer data strategy and customer data platform implementation to unify all your customer data in a single platform.

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