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Data Quality

We help you ensure the high-quality data across your organization to meet compliance regulations, enable omnichannel commerce, improve product information, increase efficiency or reduce time to market.

Getting a grip on your product data

Poor product data quality can create ripple effects throughout your business in the form of delayed product releases, incorrect data released to operations and the marketplace, delayed releases of required compliance data, and released products that underperform in sales because of lacking marketing content.

The importance of accurate and relevant product information is widely accepted, and is far from a new concept. But instead of addressing the actual issue of poor product information management with a formalized approach, companies often use up valuable resources simply combating the negative consequences.

The ability to manage hundreds of thousands of SKUs from a single location is critical for companies that face increased competition in an omnichannel world. SQLI can help you to define and implement a proactive data quality management program that will increase your bottom line results, as optimizing data will reduce costs early in the process.

Choosing your path to omnichannel commerce

Working with SQLI as your partner will save you from many of the potential pitfalls of managing product data in a dynamic omnichannel commerce environment. We understand the principles of Data Quality Management and have a proven track record of implementing Best-in-class Data Quality Management solutions.

We can support you with commercializing product data from a single-source Product Information Management solution. This in turn greatly reduces costs, enables cross-functional collaboration, and helps eliminate the ripple effects of poor product data quality.

Also, we can assess whether the use of AI and Machine Learning algorithms can help to automate the improvements for the quality of your data.

How to get started

SQLI can help your business with developing your Data Quality Business case, exploring all potential options and pitfalls together. This includes:

  • Reviewing the types of risks related to poor product data quality, and specifying data quality expectations based on those risks
  • Clarifying what data quality means and defining data quality indicators
  • Defining data quality rules that can be used for assessment and governance
  • Identifying and measuring how poor data currently affects your business
  • Designing data quality improvement processes
  • Developing your data quality roadmap and building your information quality program

Book a Data Quality Evaluation Assessment

We will help you to clearly define how your initiative to improve product data can support company objectives and strengthen the alignment between business and IT. The assessment uses your existing state as the baseline, provides hard facts for your decision-making, suggests measures for inspecting data quality, and determines the scope and best approach for this endeavour.

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In-depth Assessment

An in-depth assessment that determines the cost of the current data quality issues and builds the business case. This produces tangible deliverables, such as a classification of issues, in regard to impact, cost and priority. In addition to meaningful metrics for well-defined data quality dimensions, and business rules that measure the occurrence of data errors.

High-level digital Data Quality Strategy & Roadmap

The digital strategy we craft together, based on your business goals, addresses how product data quality can be best managed by a cross-functional team, and includes a detailed roadmap that will guide you through the implementation of your data quality improvement initiative.

Our Expertise

Successfully implementing best-practice solutions is no small task and requires an advisor with experience, insights and commitment.
SQLI can support you to exceed your business goals, with confidence and expertise earned throughout the years.

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SQLI has more than 30 years of experience with digital and E-commerce. We run workshops, guide personal interviews, and take an objective deep dive into your solution, together with you, as 1 team. We have people with experience in all aspects of MDM/PIM, enabling us to guide you to a comprehensive 360° view of your current data management approach.

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