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Enterprise Marketplaces

We can help you define the right strategy, commercial approach and provide the technology required to compete, be noticed and succeed in enterprise marketplaces.

Why Marketplaces?

According to Forrester, in 2022 65% of B2C e-commerce sales will be driven by marketplaces. Almost 50% of product searches will be done through Amazon, or results from Amazon displayed via Google. Having the right strategy, commercial approach, and technology in place, in order to successfully compete and be noticed in enterprise marketplaces, is essential for your success.

Is your business optimized for marketplace selling?

A scalable application landscape, a good strategy, proper product research, optimized product listings, and smart advertising placement aren’t optional. These elements will pave the way for successful e-commerce using marketplaces.


We will conduct strategy sessions to help you define multiple relevant factors, including your brand value, expected customer experience, and how marketplaces can impact your current business model. We’ll be looking to get insights on topics such as how your competitors behave on enterpirse marketplaces, the trigger for your customers to make a purchase, and how your brand contributes to their experience.

Following this, we can carry out an analysis from a commercial perspective; product selection, product research, and legal requirements. Finally, a technology session will provide us with an overview of how well your current setup supports marketplace selling, and what we could do to further streamline and enhance this.

Throughout this strategy phase, we’ll be working together closely with you to define actionable and feasible goals, along with a robust strategy that will guide your business from start to success.

Launching your product on a marketplace

Once the strategy is clearly defined we can support you through all the different steps needed to successfully launch your product on a marketplace.

  • Marketplace seller account setup
  • Product Information management and optimization (PIM, data quality, data completeness)
  • Product information onboarding (e.g. mapping, data syndication)
  • Product listing optimization (e.g. title, bullets, images)
  • Product Launch (e.g. PPC, grace period, reviews)

Once the product is launched, we’ll ensure that data and insights are utilized for continuous improvements to the product listing(s), PPC, the overall customer journey, and increasing your brand recognition and reach.

And last but not least, you need to make sure your customers stay happy by answering their questions, listening to their feedback, and improving their experience. Customer care and support play an important role in this, and function differently in every marketplace.

Marketplace Services

  • Marketplace Strategy (brand value, cx, business model impact, competition analysis, product selection and research, fulfilment, technology)
  • Product Information Management
  • Data onboarding and syndication
  • Marketplace seller account setup
  • Product listing optimization
  • Product Launch
  • Maintenance and optimization
  • Customer care support

As a full-service agency, that has been driving digital commerce since the 90’s, we always aim to work together with you, to ensure your continued growth and success in this constantly evolving segment.

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