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PIM for Retail

A single trusted, tailor-made PIM solution for retailers, with everything retailers need from their product data, live in just 13 weeks.

PIM solution for retailers, live in 13 weeks

Retail is one of the industries that is evolving quicker, driven by customer changing expectations, purchasing behaviours and digital. With the increasing number of channels, products, markets and competitors, and the complexity of the processes to cover this all, businesses need to get the right data to fuel their decisions and understand how to stay ahead.

Retailers achieve real results with superior product information management. Examples include:

  • 80% reduction in time for product launches
  • 75% improvement in vendor onboarding time
  • Reduced supplier item onboarding from two weeks to two days
  • 83% increase in details for SKUs
  • 65% cost savings in global translations
  • 40% reduction in catalogue production time


Key advantages the PIM for Retail solution is built to deliver

Rapid retail time to value

Built to ease the burden of a PIM implementation, the solution provides with pre-defined, retail-ready modules, models, rules and processes.

High quality data for any channel

Taking into account the retail needs, the data processes are specially tailored to provide consistent, trustworthy data and content across all channels.

Accelerate your time-to-market

Built to enable the quick onboard of new products and expansion of assortment with automated workflows.

Retail creativity and growth

Fuel digital transformation and creativity by delivering data to any channel and context needed. 

Agility for fast-growing retail

Enable your business for growth with trustworthy, high-quality, available data. Faster decisions, higher ROI.

Data transparency

High-quality and availability of data to meet your customers' needs for transparency.

The features of PIM for Retail solution

PIM for Retail is central to addressing the challenges of the retailers of today, with the advantage of being a tailor-made solution for retailers, while keeping its simplicity and trustworthiness at the core. PIM for retail features:

PIM for Retail includes integrated cloud-based product data onboarding, automating the exchange of updated product information and content between retailers and manufacturers/suppliers. PDX Onboarding ensures data quality by sharing retailers’ unique requirements and standards directly with manufacturing partners.


PDX Onboarding works seamlessly with PIM for Retail to accelerate product data onboarding, simplifying the exchange of accurate, updated product information and content between retailers and their manufacturing partners.

Keep data touchpoints synchronized with inbound and outbound integrations that enable superior outcomes.


A rigid product master data policy demands all data touchpoints be synchronized with the system of record. PIM for Retail serves as the central repository for this data, as well as the source of information and content to be sent to downstream systems and applications.

Create a single source of truth using rules, controls and workflows to drive trust and superior results.


Efficiently acquiring and managing product data is dependent on data modelling, roles, workflows, business rules and controls. This guides and governs how data is used, managed and shared across the business ecosystem.

Ensure data is accurate and fit for purpose, enabling digital transformation and better experiences and results.


Data quality defines the success of all outcomes. Product MDM includes a range of tools for maintaining and enriching content to achieve levels traditional PIM can’t touch. These include improved error handling, which flags errors between sessions, accuracy and completeness metrics, and a configurable faceted search to make it easier to narrow results.



Share/syndicate high-quality product information to all retail partners with PDX Syndication.


Manufacturers and brands often struggle sharing complete, up-to-date product data and content to meet unique requirements across all channels. PDX Syndication empowers them to deliver it, to drive superior product experiences with all retail partners.

See the features in detail included the pim for retail solution

PIM for Retail | Solution Sheet

The key facts to know on what makes this solution different to other PIMs in the market, together with the specifications of the features of the solution combined in this solution sheet.

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Retailers' Success Stories with Product Information

80+ catalogues for millions of subscribers

A leading retailer with more than 160K SKUs achieved operational efficiencies, time savings, vendor management and more, including efficiently produce 80+ catalogues that delivered millions of subscribers.

Reduced catalog production to days

An international sports manufacturer with more than 300k products in 7 languages reduced catalog production from weeks to days, within 6 months of initiating the PIM project. 

Onboarded 1M+ SKUs in 2 years

A leading footwear retailer onboarded more than 1 Million SKUs in 2 years while improving data quality thanks to the PIM solution. This enabled them to significantly speed up their time-to-market.


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