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Event Storm

A one-day ‘big-picture’ workshop that breaks down silo’s by mapping formal and informal processes within and between departments to get to know which areas need to be improved most urgently.

Breaking down organizational silos via big picture workshop

Halfway designing a new fancy digital experience, you trip over some impossibilities that completely mess up your teams' ideas—resulting in mounting pressure on the project, frustrated designers, and stakeholders on the fence. Sounds familiar?

Event storming prevents this scenario by rapidly exploring your business domains and identifying bottlenecks within your organisation before you even start building.

In every organisation, there is always tremendous pressure to deliver and ship fast. However, without complete information and stakeholder support, complex business issues will still be one of the big showstoppers. For structural success, the commitment, input, and ownership of all key stakeholders are essential for success.

To create (digital) products and services that work, you'll need to cooperate closely with different disciplines in- and outside of your team to get all relevant information on the table that displays interests and goals of internal stakeholders. The event storm is a proven method to do so.

Benefits of Event Storm

In a perfect world, everybody within your organisation is aligned and working towards shared goals and objectives. Unfortunately, this is never the case.

What event storming will help you with:

  • Identify knowledge and process gaps within the organisation
  • Mapping complete picture of opportunities and pitfalls before implementation
  • Early opportunity discoveries like technology and process improvements
  • Early constraints discoveries like knowledge gaps and information flow dependancies
  • Breaking down organisational silos and opening up conversations
  • Enabling stakeholder buy-in

Our 1 Day Approach

Event storming is a one day workshop to quickly discover what is happening in the business domain of a software solution. By bringing a blended team of domain experts together, business process modelling and requirements engineering become more exciting and fun. With clear steps and easy to apply rules, the schedule of the workshop is very straight forward.

Ideally, the group of participants consists of all the needed disciplines on management level, but also operational. We help you with choosing the right people. With all the attendees committed to the approach, they drop the walls between their expertise and deliver valuable input.

Vital to the whole process is firm moderation, something SQLI is an expert in.

We should have done this before starting a new digital initiative.


The day consists of 4 main parts:

Part 1: Scoping

We kick off with the scope and the goal of the day.

Part 2: The Big Picture

We map the scoped process from beginning to end following a set of rules.

Part 3: Narrate

Storytelling with opportunities and pitfalls.

Part 4: Wrap up

We decide on the next steps and map the main conclusions.

What to expect

From a strategic point of view, event storming is a pressure cooker day. By gathering all the needed expertise and disciplines of your organisation in one physical space for at least one day, understanding between people and disciplines is quickly shared and improved.

Essential to event storming is an open attitude, honesty and cooperative behaviour.

Clients perceive the 1 day Event Storm Big Picture workshop with SQLI as fun, eye-opening and "something we should have done before starting a new digital initiative".

  • Undiscovered organisational insights in just 1 day
  • Unveil stakeholders interests & goals
  • Getting on the same page: stakeholder alignment
  • Clear next steps
  • Facilitation by experienced Event Storm Consultants by SQLI

The concrete deliverable of an event storm can be relatively simple and condensed. In some cases, an A4 with a drawing of the needed IT architecture suffices.

The Event Storm was originally created by Alberto Brandolini. Learn more about his his work on his website www.eventstorming.com.

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An Event Storm is an easy and speedy starting point to help you identify your highest priorities in making smart e-business choices. Use our consultants as challengers for your existing processes, way of working, and solution landscape. This way, you are ready for the next milestones of your roadmap.

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