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MDM / PIM Syndication

Reduce complexity, increase volume and publish relevant and personalized product content across any of, both, owned or third-party channels.

Reduce complexity, increase volume and create relevant, personalized product content

Most manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers know that in order to be successful they need to publish the most relevant, consistent, and up-to-date product information to the ever-increasing number of channels customers use. But how do you go about this in a cost-effective manner? Not only do you need to create more content for different contexts and formats that is relevant for each stage of the customer journey, but you also need to make sure everything is published and synchronized to both your own and third-party E-commerce platforms, data pools, marketplaces, in addition to a growing number of online and offline channels. A hefty task in regards to content creation, management and publication. Fortunately, using the right PIM/MDM and syndication software can help immensely.

Let experience lead the way

SQLI has the required experience to structure and normalises data with a granular and modular data model that meets the demands of all different channels. With the essential technical skills and domain knowledge in-house, we can support you with integrating datapools, e-commerce platforms, CRM’s, and ERP’s. We take care of the analysis and the technical part of the syndication, which in turn creates room for you as a business to focus on better and more content for your customers. This allows you to stay on top of the continuous change across all your different channels and touchpoints.

Create a single source of truth and reduce your time-to-market

SQLI can help your business with:

  • A data readiness assessment: Use a single source of truth in your organisation to ensure your data is always consistent, localised, and complete.
  • Identifying current and future data needs for all channels and datapools.
  • Selecting the right MDM/PIM for you; benefit from PIM/MDM integrated syndication modules and specialised syndication tools, such as ChannelEngine.
  • Mapping and transforming all data, your source for channel specifications.

Book your Data Readiness Assessment for MDM / PIM Syndication

We will help you to define your data readiness for MDM/PIM syndication. This will enable you to set a solid foundation for improved product data syndication to outside channels, better support company objectives and strengthen the alignment between business and IT.

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In-depth Data Assessment

An in-depth assessment that determines the cost of the current data quality issues and builds the business case. This produces tangible deliverables, such as a classification of issues, in regard to impact, cost and priority. In addition to meaningful metrics for well-defined data quality/readiness dimensions, and business rules that measure the occurrence of data errors.

MDM / PIM Syndication Solution

To summarize, SQLI can support your syndication by using our experience to properly set up your MDM/PIM and syndication solution. By taking the analysis and technical implementation that is part of this process of your hands, you get to focus on the content your customers are presented with. By streamlining the production this way you greatly improve the quality and consistency of your content, across all your channels and touchpoints.

Our Expertise

Successfully implementing best-practice solutions is no small task and requires an advisor with experience, insights and commitment. SQLI can support you to exceed your business goals, with the confidence and expertise earned throughout the years.

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SQLI has more than 30 years of experience with digital and E-commerce. We run workshops, guide personal interviews, and take an objective deep dive into your solution, together with you, as 1 team. We have people with experience in all aspects of MDM/PIM, enabling us to guide you to a comprehensive 360° view of your current data management approach.

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