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Commerce Platform Implementation

Implementation, integration and management services and support for a stable, reliable, and future proof commerce platform.

Implementing your Commerce Platform the right way

Equally as important as finding the right commerce solution for your business, is making sure the platform is successfully implemented. That’s why it’s imperative all goals are clearly defined and shared between all departments and stakeholders in your company. Creating a collective consciousness about the project is a strong tool for breaking down unproductive silos, and ensures your customers don’t suffer the consequences of internal inefficiencies. These common goals and shared integrated processes also support your strategic approaches, and allow you to define the best course of action for implementing your new commerce solution.

A Platform that is built to last

Another deciding factor for the successful implementation of your commerce solution is time-to-market. For this reason we advocate an agile way of working, using blended teams with external expertise where needed. This enables iterative delivery of software solutions, the optimal way of adding value for both your customers and organization.

In addition to your customers and staff, already existing technology and data also has to play nice with your new platform. SQLI has extensive experience with adding additional systems and software solutions for added functionalities, without preventing you from working with a single point of truth for all your processes and data. Our omni-channel mindset guarantees your architecture is prepared for seamlessly integrating additional channels and touchpoints, in a way that always respects and safeguards your unique customer experience. From apps and payment systems to completely custom solutions, we have the knowhow to do it right.

Enabling you to properly manage your Platform

The success of your new commerce platform is guaranteed by more than just its measured selection and correct implementation. Your shiny new fully functional platform has to be properly managed too. When your commerce platform is up and running we will still be by your side, offering trainings for your teams that cover all end-to-end processes, from frontend to backend. This total package allows you to increase revenue, lower costs, and always meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. The result is a stable, reliable, and future proof commerce platform. A place where you can engage your customers and build a strong and lasting relationship with them.

SAP CX Software-based Accelerator Packages

Launch fast - Go Live in 8 Weeks

  • Key digital commerce capabilities that are readily available 
  • Lower TCO, better ROI & fast time to market

Commerce Enablement - B2B and B2C Digital Commerce Experiences

Leverage SQLI’s 30 years of experience in defining, designing and delivering proven, scalable and reliable digital products

Valuable Digital Experiences

Agile platform to create commerce experiences fast and simple.

Solution Evaluation Assessment

Within our workshop you will learn which E-Com platform fits your organization, digital goals, maturity, and budget situation. We will provide you with a clear starting picture and vision. As a result of the analysis we will suggest a solution for your business model, positioning and value proposition.

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E-Commerce Partners


Strong support

Strong support throughout the platform’s implementation and beyond, guaranteeing its stability, quality, and flexibility. We make sure it’s future proof and ready for any further omni-channel integrations needed.

Training and documentation

Extensive documentation, proper training of your staff to optimize the value generated by your commerce platform, and continued support. We deliver, and keep delivering.


Skilled and certified experts that bring their experience to your company (in blended teams where applicable). Following agile development principles, we greatly improve your time-to-market.

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