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Founded in 1990, SQLI Digital Experience is a European digital services company that defines, builds and grows the digital business value of international A-brands.

We are SQLI

We are technical and creative thinkers committed to delivering meaningful and engaging experiences by leveraging technologies, methodologies, skills and creativity to get closer to the customer or user and capture their attention. We design, develop and deploy solid and high-performing architectures that improve business agility, increase efficiencies and facilitate business growth.

Clients reach out to us to help them define, build and grow their e-business value. We have always had the strong desire to serve the greatest clients, with the best products and solutions and delivered by the most experienced employees. We are ambitious, we want to be in the forefront of digital as one of the best agencies across Europe.

Our creative spirit is part of who we are, intrinsically linked with openness to others, originality, and team spirit, it applies to our original way of doing things, and nourished by exchange our skills and expertise.

We greatly value commitment in all our daily actions, giving meaning to our work, and the responsibility every one of us takes on. Forward-thinking is deeply rooted in our know-how and experience and allows us to set the legitimate and brave ambition of continuous growth and development, for both ourselves and our clients.

Our 2000+ colleagues are located in 13 countries: France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Morocco, Mauritius and Dubai. In 2021, the SQLI Group achieved revenue of €226m. SQLI has been listed on Euronext Paris (SQI) since 21 July 2000.

Together, we take you to the next level of digital.

  • 1990 Establishment of SQLI Group
  • 2200 Employees
  • 13 Offices
  • 214 M€ revenue in 2020

Our vision: a Unified Digital Experience

In a hyper-connected world where brands are fighting for users' attention, we believe that creating a unified digital experience is the key to engagement. Creating the right interaction. Suggesting rather than imposing. Capturing attention at the right time, in the right place, and converting it into desire and trust. For more than 25 years, digital experience has been our mantra, our compass.

Combining insights with creativity and technological expertise, we design, develop and implement digital tools that create results for our clients and value for consumers worldwide. We share our clients' ambition and believe that the close and lasting relationship we build with their teams is the key to excellence.

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Selection of Clients


To build sustainable and outstanding solutions, we work with partners with the same ambitions as us. Our approach is first and foremost agnostic: we aim to provide you with the solutions best suited to the challenges and constraints you face.

Our services rely on 6 pillars:

We work closely together with your organization to craft the strategy, teams, architecture, and platforms that help define your digital success.


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We put our complete skillset to work in digital strategy, technology selection, implementation & success measurement to help you grow your digital revenue stream.


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We can help you understand how to meet your customers' needs to drive lifetime customer value, loyalty, and growth with our digital experience solutions.


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Drive e-business with a solid strategy and roadmap. We transform 30+ years of experience into proven strategic approaches for both B2B and B2C brands to help them achieve tangible success.


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We design and create engaging products and digital experiences that lead to conversion by providing true customer value and positively impacting your organizations' bottom line.


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Our data strategy and data technology capabilities lay a strong foundation of high data quality and solid data management that enable your organization to become data-driven and drive digital capabilities that get you ready for what comes next.


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In short, why SQLI?

A combination of excellent technical knowledge and user experience expertise, proven for more than 30 years in hundreds of global digital projects.

Talented and motivated teams, with multidisciplinary skills, to accompany you as a true partner in all your digital projects from start to finish; from consulting to implementation and even beyond.

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We are technical & creative thinkers and doers, we have been delivering engaging experiences and business growth across the digital landscape since the 90’s. Check our open vacancies to join the team.