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Value Driven Design Sprint

Is your idea or concept worth the investment? From strategy to concept to prototype to validation in just 4 days.

Validate if your idea is worth developing, risk free and in a short time

When working on existing problems or new digital products there is a lot of uncertainty involved. You don't know if your customers will take to it until you actually try. The value driven design sprint is a speedy process to identify if your idea is worth the effort of developing.

What will it bring?

Your teams will become more productive and happier team is to replace all open discussion or brainstorming with a structured process that leads to more ideas, clearer decisions and better outcomes. Instead of never-ending discussions and constant back-and-forth, it will leave you and your team feeling energised, productive, and will provide you with tangible, actionable results.

When is it right and when to do something else?

It's about impact, complexity and uncertainty. First determine if it's cost-effective: do the investment cost, opportunity cost and potential brand reputation damage eclipse the cost of the design sprint? Next, address questions about uncertainty and complexity. Ask yourself how certain you are that your customers desire the solution? Does it need employees from different groups to work together? If uncertainty is medium to high, plus the impact of failure is big, then you should consider a design sprint. If not, a design sprint might feel excessive and other more simple methods (i.e. waterfall) are probably better suited.

How does it work?

You solve complex problems throughout co-creation, rapid prototyping, and qualitative testing with targeted users. By validating assumptions with your customers at early stages you eliminate assumption biases. The team ideates a mass of ideas and decides on the most promising solutions, which are tested with a prototype. Seasoned ecommerce consultants will be the facilitators and run the sprint with you.

Value Driven Design Sprint

As an agency we work for many different companies from lots of industries. Our seasoned design consultants are acting as facilitators for the sprints and will prepare the exercises. During the sprint they can add value beyond facilitating, challenging your ideas and introducing fresh ideas from other industries. They are skilled in creating customer experiences and know how to make ideas successful through design.

In-person or remote?

To fit your specific business goals and adjust to the constraints of remote work, we have created two different variations: In-person and Remote.

We expect you to bring around 6 key stakeholders (including a decision maker) to join the Value Driven Design Sprint to work on the challenge at hand. We will line up 2 of the best matching seasoned consultants to guide you through the process and both challenge and coach you in fast decision-making.

The sprint will keep your team busy for 5 days: either in a single week (in-person) or spread across 3 weeks (remote).

Book a FREE, non-binding Sprint intake to together look into your challenges and the potential the Sprint has to solve them. We will also share some of our clients' use cases and results, and build the plan to go from strategy to concept and then to a prototype which can be validated. We discuss the pros and cons of running the sprint in-person or remotely to find the best fit for your team.

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Our 5-Day Value Driven Design Sprint

The exercises embedded in the five phases are designed to reduce politics, increase collaboration across functions and put the focus on answers (outcomes) and not just assets. Essential to the sprint's success is an open and a can-do mentality, keeping the end goal in mind, trusting the process and just let yourself be guided by the SQLI consultants.

"You don't know what will come out of the sprint, but it gave us insights that otherwise would've taken us months."

Day 1: Define challenge and pick a target

The first day is where we jointly dive into your challenge or opportunity. Through customer interviews and several interactive exercises we empathise with the core challenge and determine focus for the rest of the sprint.

"SQLI was able to inspire and challenge us throughout the entire sprint."

Day 2: Design concept and create storyboard

The second day is about getting creative: develop as many concepts as possible to answer your challenge. Together we select the best one or make a combination of several concepts to tackle the challenge at hand.

"Amazing how we were able to sketch so many possible solutions."

Day 3: Rapidly build high fidelity prototype

On day three, the best concept or idea is translated into a tangible solution that can be tested with the customers interviewed on day one. Pending on the goal of the value driven design sprint, this tangible solution could vary from a pitch deck, a clickable prototype, a new business model one-pager etc.. 

"Super exciting to see how everything comes together on the 3rd day."

Day 4: Test and validate prototype with target audience

The moment of truth: Will your new concept or idea be worth the investment? By validating with your customers, users or target audience, you gather instant valuable feedback. Is the solution spot on, or would you need to iterate a bit more?

"After validating with 5 of our customers it gave us the confident to pursue our new business model."

Day 5: Roadmap & next steps

On the final day we craft a Roadmap with clear next steps and assistance on how to engage the rest of the organisation.  

"The rest of the organisation is super excited to roll-out our concept."

What to expect

If you have not done a Value Driven Design Sprint before it can be exciting because you don't know exactly what the output will be after. One thing is certain: the output will always be valuable because, also if if turns out not to pursue the investment. Early assumption validation is essential any kind of innovation.

Also, clients often say to us that SQLI's Value Driven Design Sprint is one of the most fun things they have done in their professional career. The speedy and hackathon process generates positive team dynamics and a can-do mentality. A perfect way to boost the teams drive!

  • From strategy > concept > prototype > validation in as little as 5 days
  • Sprint moderation by SQLI's leading experts
  • Prototype design by top-notch UX / UI Designers
  • Use of SQLI's war room
  • Team bonding: co-creation & high energy
  • Starting point of a new mindset

We have used Value Driven Design Sprints with our clients to validate new concepts, value propositions or functionalities. By early assumption validation, we were able to enhance investigated opportunities even further and avoided unnecessary development costs.

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