The SQLI Group, creating experiences since 1990

SQLI is a digital services company based in Europe that assists major worldwide companies in generating value through digital solutions.

We use the finest of technology and methodology, as well as our abilities and ideals, to create unique and engaging experiences. We design, create, and implement strong and high-performing architectures that help businesses boost agility, efficiency, and growth.

  • 1990 Group creation
  • 2100 employees
  • 13 countries
  • 214 M€, 2020 turnover

Our Vision: a Unified Digital Experience

We think that building a cohesive digital experience is the key to engagement in a hyper-connected world where businesses compete for consumers' attention. Developing successful encounters. Rather than imposing, I'm suggesting. Getting people's attention at the right place at the right moment and turning it into desire and trust. Our mantra, our compass, has been digital experience for over 25 years.

We design, produce, and deploy digital assets that create value for consumers and results for our clients throughout the world based on this foundation and using an integrated and modular methodology that blends intelligence, creativity, and technical skill.

We share our customers' goals and feel that building strong and enduring relationships with their teams is the key to success.

They trust us

Our clients

SQLI has a highly-skilled team in terms of both technology and consulting. The complementary know-how of its offices (Switzerland for consulting, Morocco for its SAP Commerce skills, and Lyon for its mobile expertise) has proved a real asset over the years. We decided, along with SQLI, to opt for the Spartacus storefront, an SAP headless technology. SQLI is also going to help us optimize our processes to increase efficiency and speed, guaranteeing our sales growth. I can definitively say that SQLI is our long-term digital strategy partner.

Reto Aeschbacher Marketing Director at SCOTT Sports

Our Support

We collaborate with partners who share our goals in order to develop long-term, high-performance solutions. First and foremost, our approach is agnostic; we attempt to present solutions that are best suited to your difficulties and requirements.

Our value proposition based on six services

We create technological environments for upgradeable platforms and tailored solutions. We use methods to facilitate imagining, structuring and implementing digital transformation.

We build sets of solutions that fit the ecosystems, requirements and performance objectives of different companies. We give them the power to create, deliver and optimize rich and personalized digital experiences to serve their customers, employees and partners.

We help companies to stand out and increase their turnover by bringing together the best of strategy, design and technology. Whether it is in a BtoB or BtoC environment, we design holistic experiences centered around emotion and value at each stage of the user journey.

We help management teams, operational departments and IT departments focus on a common innovative vision leveraging the opportunities offered by digital tools. Our strategic approach is clear and pragmatic, and we translate it into a concrete operational action plan.

We help companies define their data vision and strategy, from decision making to predictive analysis. We provide them with the platform and tools that will enable them to innovate, improve their operational efficiency, or gain better knowledge and understanding of their customers.

We help organizations design digital strategies that will drive growth and visibility. Using our Design Thinking methodology, we get brands noticed and facilitate conversion, focusing on customer loyalty.

  • >750 digital experts
  • >500 certifications
  • 20 years a tried-and-tested model

Our original strategy is based on a regional and worldwide network that includes service centers in France, Mauritius, and Morocco, as well as over 750 digital experts with over 500 certifications.

We can ensure the success of projects of any magnitude due to these locations, which restrict time differences (+/-2 hours), our capacity to provide multilingual support, and close to 20 years of expertise working from different places, using proven processes.

In Short, Why SQLI?

For more than 30 years, a combination of excellent technical knowledge and user experience skills has been tried and tested on hundreds of digital projects [Use Cases link] all around the world.

Staff with broad talents to work with you as a genuine partner throughout the life of your digital initiatives, from recommendations to deployment and beyond.

Through our nearshore and offshore locations, we have service centers with processes and structures designed to combine specialist talents with industrial production capacity.

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