SQLI: creating experiences since 1990

SQLI is a European digital services group that helps brands to derive value through digital solutions. We create original and engaging experiences, drawing on the best technologies,  methodologies, skills and values. We design, develop and deploy high-performing digital architectures that improve business agility, increase efficiency and facilitate business growth.

  • 1990 business formed
  • 2100 employees
  • 13 countries
  • 214 M€, 2020 turnover

Our Vision

In a world where brands are competing for users’ attention, we believe that creating a unified digital experience is key to customer engagement. It leads to better interactions and the ability to capture attention in the right place, at the right time, and convert it into trust and action. For over 30 years, digital experience has been our mantra, our compass.

Using insight, creativity and technical expertise, we design, produce and deploy digital solutions that create value for consumers and get results for our clients.

We share our clients’ ambitions and believe that the close and lasting connections forged with their teams are the key to success.



When we were looking for partners to lead the implementation, SQLI met us and brought the confidence both from a business perspective and from an understanding of the overall ecosystem. Other agencies had more of a sales approach, but SQLI was more about collaboration. They could answer all of our technical questions and demonstrated that they had the skills and experience to take on the challenge.

Pawel Dabrowski Nahdi’s head of omnichannel

Our support

We work in collaboration with partners that are aligned with our ambitions in order to build sustainable and high-performance solutions. Across the Middle East we work with many technology and solution providers, but have chosen to align ourselves with Adobe, while working with a multitude of tech partners including Klarna, Akeneo, Tabby and OTO. That means we propose the solutions that are best-suited to your challenges and requirements.

Our expertise covers six areas:

As an experienced full-service e-commerce consultancy, we will partner with you to create a meaningful, fully integrated digital commerce experience [cluster link], whether it is in a B2B or B2C environment.

We design solutions that fit the ecosystems, requirements and performance objectives of the brands we work with. We give them the power to create, deliver and optimise rich and personalised digital experiences to serve their customers, employees and partners.

We help organisations design digital strategies that will drive growth and brand awareness. Our creative approach gets brands noticed and facilitates conversion, focusing on customer loyalty.

We help management teams, operational departments and IT departments focus on a common innovative vision leveraging the opportunities offered by digital frameworks and solutions. Our strategic approach is clear and pragmatic, and we translate it into a concrete operational action plan.

We create technological environments for upgradeable platforms and tailored solutions. We use trusted methods developed over decades to imagine, structure and implement digital transformation.

We help companies define their data vision and strategy, from decision making to predictive analysis. We provide them with the platform and tools that will enable them to innovate, improve their operational efficiency, or gain better knowledge and understanding of their customers.

  • >750 digital experts
  • >500 certifications
  • 22 years a tried-and-tested model

We have 25+ years of experience using proven methodologies. Our model is based on a regional and international network with service centres in France, Mauritius and Morocco, which deploys over 750 digital experts with more than 500 certifications. 

This means we can ensure the success of projects of any scale and provide multilingual support.


  • A combination of excellent technical knowledge and user experience expertise, tried and tested on hundreds of digital projects around the world for more than 30 years.
  • Talented and committed employees with multidisciplinary skills providing end-to-end support from project design right through to delivery and optimisation.
  • Service centres providing specialist skills and scalability through our nearshore and offshore locations.
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